Discussion: Trump Thinks Obama's SOTU Address Was 'Very Hard To Watch'

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I am sure it was., He had your ass in his hands


I guess Donald could hear the nation laughing at him.


Hardly any commercial breaks. Where’s the revenue?!


And this is of interest or newsworthy why?

“He had articulate wisdom coming out of his whatever.”


Because his entire/only metric is what will play to the Lite Beer-swilling basic cable-watching WWE fans who are his core base. Words with more than 2 syllables, sentences with more nuance than “Me SMASH!” and “you may get bored of [sic] winning” are too complicated for them.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. The Donald is criticizing President Obama. I was watching the SOTU on YouTube and I was glad the comments were disabled during the speech. So far, 3,7988 gave the speech a thumbs down while 15,039 gave it a thumbs up.

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Already posted this over on the Steve King article but it also has a purpose here.

I stopped reading the headline after “Trump Thinks…”

That’s a non-starter if ever there was one.


It should have been hard to be shamed like that.

Poor little Trumpie.


There’s something wrong with you if you couldn’t feel good about being an American because A great speech was delivered by a messenger you disliked.



The #SOTU speech is really boring, slow, lethargic - very hard to watch!

So what, you twit. You’re very hard to look at. Needless to mention unbearable to listen to.


Maybe he could have someone explain what the big words mean so it’s easier for him?

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Sort of like your through processes and intellectual maturity. So I guess it sort of balances itself out.


WTF? Where did I write or even suggest I disliked the President’s speech? LOL!

Of course it was difficult for Trump to watch, it was well above his intellectual level. Trump never says anything substantive in his so-called speeches. When Trump speaks, it’s just an hour of self-praise and endless lies without a clue as to how he would accomplish any of his many ridiculous promises. He’s obviously unfamiliar with how our government works and believes he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, if we should be cursed with him as President.

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…no, he was to busy reading the closed captions… and boy, were his eyes tired!


I took it that chelsea referred to the general you?

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Sorry. The you I was referencing was any moron out there who has that attitude.

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a man of Trump’s age behave so petulantly, so puerilely, and so immaturely. The man has no class whatsoever. He wouldn’t know dignity or gravitas if they simultaneously bit him on the ass.

I have, however, witnessed a few elementary school children behave that badly, usually due to a lack of discipline and decent upbringing.