Discussion: Trump: 'There's A Revolution Going On In CA' As 'Animals' Cross The Border

The is the part where Trump turns immigrants into non-people, so they are easier to abuse and kill.


It would be typical for rhetoric like this, “We have to break up families … because of the Democrats … illegal immigrant criminals … violent predators … animals,” to emerge from the mouth of the leader of an autocratic backwater nation. Yet, here we are, with political leaders fully embracing the dehumanization of an entire population, brown in color, for political gain.

To quote former Secretary of State Tillerson, it is a haunting observation from one who was inside the administration.

“If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom.”

I really do not know what else to say in conclusion beyond putting these pieces together. I am just reminded and emboldened in the belief that everyone who believes in good government needs to vote this November.


Go into a bar in Staten Island, and look at the drunk in the corner, screaming racist epithets. That’s Donald J. Trump, but without the $1 million from his father.


Trump lies.

Give him a Trump hotel in LA or just a wad of cash stuck in the 9th hole at Mar-a-Lago, and he’ll sing California’s praises.


Trump’s tactics seem ready made for Democrats seeking to turn out Hispanics this fall. Down here in Florida we are seeing stories about tomatoes rotting in the fields unpicked. The agricultural community is not amused. If that extends throughout the country all this ginned up bluster is going to be a net negative. The question is are Hispanics going to vote or are they going to remain on the sidelines?

Oh, Scott and Nelson are both courting Puerto Rico citizens who have fled their ravaged and still unrepaired territory. They have landed in Florida like a wave of refuges fleeing some Central American dictator. Being American citizens they get to vote.


Tillerson was an awful SOS but maybe he can follow Jimmy Carter’s route to redemption.


We are being systematically groomed for complicity in, or at least acquiescence to, an atrocity. The only thing lacking to give it bite is a real sense of threat and crisis to give it bite with the people who wouldn’t otherwise be swayed. As much as Germans in the early 30’s or ethnic Serbs and Hutus in the 90’s. The only difference is that we can choose to not see it by selecting our media.


You were saying …

Animals, and most humans, have many inherently good characteristics.

Some do not.

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Hitler said what?

Maybe Trump will soften his rhetoric as his political vulnerability increases as a way of reaching out for greater cooperation from people he’s so far alienated. HA HA HA I slay me. If this is where we are now it’s nearly impossible to imagine what he might say when things start getting serious and the ground opens up underneath him. But Pennsylvania is ready, folks, to help undo the damage it did. I think my radically de-gerrymandered district is ready to send a fresh new D to the House. If everyone else does their part, we can start turning things around.


Every thing this narcissist says is either about himself, or is a projection of himself onto others.
“Animals” is clearly a projection.

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Just throw it on to the pile of racist shit Trump will normalize in this country while Democrats stare mouth agape doing nothing and FOX news convinces 40% of Americans he’s right and the Dems are just oversensitive wussies trying to give their jobs away.

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I’m sorry, I realize the AP is fucking worthless, but how can you have a story where the President of the United States calls undocumented immigrants not people, but animals and not have that be the prime fucking focus of the article. They treat him dehumanizing thousands of people as a fucking throwaway line.


Spiraling into a singularity, he is.

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People are animals. Families are split apart like slaves at auctions. That’s your legacy pendejo.

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You know what a low point we have reached in our nation’s history when the best thing we can say about our president is that he is a piece of shit.


Yes, California is the state where I would scream fascistic anti-Hispanic, anti-immigrant rhetoric. And Trump and the GOP are so popular in the state, too!


Conservatives, like Trump, have a huge problem with Psychological Projection (I think its in their DNA.) His animals comment is just another example.

“Racism is man’s gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for the minimum of reason.”
– Abraham Joshua Heschel