Discussion: Trump Tells Don Lemon: 'Certain Segment' Of Muslims Are A 'Problem' (VIDEO)

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So if the topic turned to “Blacks” ? …might he say “I think a certain segment are certainly a problem,” … and the do the classic " but not you Don - you are one of the good ones"

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The two of them combined don’t even make up a halfwit.

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Any large group of people are going to have a few bad seeds. What’s the problem here again?


“I got a beautiful letter, I got a plaque, I got an award, I’m loved, I have fantastic polls, I’m rich. I’m number one, my pictures are in the papers, everyone loves me, I love everyone.”

If you met Trump at a party you’d walk away thinking “What a pompous, narcissistic asshole.”

Yet millions fawn over him and attend his rallies, hanging on every word. How can a sane person size him up as an arrogant asshole and others think he’s a swell guy? What do they see? What mental back flips are they doing to ignore the qualities so many peg as indications of troubling psychological issues? Trump is one seriously weird, troubled dude and Republicans love him.


“The real estate mogul said that if he would not have handled the situation any differently.”

Can’t one say that certain segments of any population are a problem?

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We do it all the time. They’re called Republicans and we think it’s most of them.

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A Non-fan.

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And a certain segment of white folks are a problem…it’s called Wall Street.

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As opposed to billionaires, for whom only a certain segment are not a problem.

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He’s the self-proclaimed Sara Lee of candidates: nobody doesn’t like Donald J. Trump!

 "Is there a certain segment of the Republican Party that is a problem" ? ? 

Well — NO … They are ALL a problem !!


A certain segment of ALL groups are a problem. Point?

Donald Trump said that a "certain segment" of the Muslim population are a "problem."

In any group of two or more people, a certain segment of it is going to be a problem. Count on it.

Because some Muslims are extremists Trump wants NONE in the US, especially if they’re a refugee. They all hafta go back to Syria because ya know they’re all alike y’see.

What a freaking racists this guy is. No milk of human kindness. Are we so insular that we’d reject a 3 yr old with parents and fleeing violence?

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“Millions” of confused, dysfunctional and misguided enablers who self-destructively IGNORE the FACT that Republican legislative initiatives/obstructions have DONE NOTHING that BENEFITS working class Americans ECONOMICALLY! ABSOLUTELY NOTING!!!

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He cant even give a full answer when he is given perfect ammo to turn it around and make the statement positive for himself.

The blacks all got together this weekend at my house and wrote this amazing letter to Trump. He is so beloved by the blacks.

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Large majority segment of rich people are a big problem.