Discussion: Trump Tells CNN: 'I'm Doing Good For The Muslims'

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I’ve run out of popcorn


I think the Nightly Show really did hit on the head last night. Its no longer a laughing matter.


I think we can all agree that he’s doing a wonderful job on Muslim outreach for Republican Party.


Up is down. Down is up. Hatred is good. Two legs good. Four legs bad.

GOP logic.


There must be so many PhD theses in psychology just screaming to be written after all this is over.


Rachel’s contention that The Trump does not actually want to be president seems more likely by the day. If true, however, it’s unfortunate that his egotism, narcissism, and all his other -isms require him to do such damage to the country during his “political suicide by bigotry” routine. He may end up the nominee, he may not, but either way he is doing significant damage to the US and providing significant support for Daesh’s recruitment efforts.



We have 11 months to go with just THIS election…and what he is saying is catching.

Exhibit Wednesday:

Steve King.


Then if he doesn’t want it, who is he building all this for? Cruz? I don’t think he wants it either but the question is, who is it for?


Every week Big Door comes up with a new yard sign slogan.

First it was

                             > TRUMP!
             SOMEBODY'S Doing the Raping!


         Doing Good For the Muslims Since Pearl Harbor Day!
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Right, Muslims think he is doing good for them, just like “the blacks” and “the Mexicans” do. How can all of his phantom supporters be wrong?


This is a playbook move…in a BIG playbook

The Big Lie (as opposed to just the medium and small ones)

The attribution of your evil on others

The not backing down

The repetition

The emotional triggers to the audience

The cult of Personality

When I was child, living in a land just ten years from its utter defeat in WWII, little did I know that the country my Dad served to Protect would succumb to the same Playbook, using, not war-bitter Germans racked by Inflation and then financial Depression and Reparations Dept, but the same Americans who work on people’s cars, cut their hair and fix their appliances.


All of this hatred is being fomented for Rump. He’s doing it for himself. BUT - the end result isn’t to attain the WH. He could give a sh*t about that. The end result is to create a cult of Rump with followers who’ll do anything he says even it includes some pretty vicious stuff. If it turns into it’s own politcal party, so much the better.


“I have many friends who are Muslims,” Trump said, according to CNN. “They’re phenomenal people. They are so happy at what I’m doing.”

Only replace Muslims with Latinos, Blacks and other minorities.


Many Muslim friends of mine are in agreement with me.

All three of them?

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And not just for the harm he’s doing—it’s also for when he claims his Muslim friends are “so happy” with what he’s doing. He’s delusional. Not just mixed up, wrong, seeing things askew—he’s literally delusional. He can’t tell reality from fantasy. It’s sad and creepy, which are not yucks-intensive things for most of us.


“Many Muslim friends of mine are in agreement with me.”

Unverifiable citation to unidentified persons of the creed, race, religion or national origin who he has slandered or dehumanized who agree with him in defense of egregiously awful statement! Drink!

I mean, for fuck’s sake, he does this constantly, and yet, never, ever, ever is he asked to identify any of these people who agree with him.

Not that I have any doubt that Donald Trump only talks to people who agree with him. The only time he ever seems to register disagreement is when you directly insult him or forcefully call him out on being a pig.


…and read by nobody.

I’m not sure I agree with that “so much the better” part.

Are these Muslim friends of yours related to the guys who went down to Hawaii to investigate Obama’s birth certificate and “could not believe what they’re finding?”