Discussion: Trump Supporters Shout Down Black Lives Matter Protesters At NC Rally (VIDEO)

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“Donald Trump
is unique. But he’s not without antecedents, and it’s not hard to
locate his performance in some well-worn grooves of American politics.Substitute
the word “segregation” for “immigration” in Trump’s rhetoric, for
instance, and it recalls the bitter bite of Alabama’s George Wallace,
whose presidential campaigns in the 1960s leveraged white backlash more
viciously than even Trump dares.”


The Silent Majority Racist Loudmouths Stands With Exemplify Trump.

Emboldened like pack-jackals.



I’ve watched for about 25 minutes now. He’s a powerful speaker, protesters or not. There’s a meme out there that Hillary will crush him. Sure hope so!

I see Real Clear Politics only gives her only 1.2 points nationally. Huffpost average gives her 3%, which sounds a little better.

We MUST win this, but it might not be dead easy.


Lordy…these people want to ‘run’ the United States? No. Just no.


What is really sad for me is that Americans fearful for their safety are putting their hopes in the most bellicose, belligerent and unqualified candidate(s).

Hell, they’d vote Bush/Cheney back in right now if they promised to nuke the middle east, Pakistan and any dwelling occupied by Muslims.


Some observations on the phenomenon of Donald Trump:

(1) Donald Trump represents a fantasy of every person who wishes he (usually a “he”) could do and say what he does.

(2) The recent disclosure of an associate linked to the Mafia would doom Hillary Clinton and exalt Donald Trump.

(3) When Donald Trump says that “we should ‘take out’ families of terrorists” he is literally willing to sacrifice the lives of the working class people who follow Trump. Trump knows that “retaliations” are yet another provocation to people who are quite comfortable in using retaliations as fuel for MORE retaliations. The monumentally overwhelming damage done by terrorists (TeaBagg type or jihadist) is to people in working class settings: cafes, clinics, schools, etc. They are NOT directed at the Gated Estates and Walled-Off retreats of the wealthy where people like Trump are SECLUDED AWAY FROM DANGER. Trump knows this, but having lived his entire life being protected from the effects of evil, he does not care.


Vote. Just vote.


So true…

Like that face being made by Trump on the article picture.

Then more exaggeration, can’t this man just state a fact with exaggeration. So arena is already full and one person is removed so that THOUSANDS more may pour in…

“Isn’t it a shame? Thousands of people are pouring in and we have to get rid of one person,” Trump told the crowd. “He’s wasting our time.”

CNN’s Noah Gray, who was at the event, said that the 7,800-person arena…

Yes. Just Yes.


Wonder when his website will begin to feature brown shirts for supporters.


You say brown, I say gold. A very classy gold. Beautiful shirts. Beautiful.


“USA” vs. Black lives? Hmm.

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I can tell you this:

Whatever are the numbers of people shouting for Trump, that number will grow much smaller as the years go by.

Imagine the year 2015: a 20-year old Trump supporter (who we will call “Jake”) at a rally

Then imagine the year 2035 and Jake being asked by the multiracial pal of his son to explain a photograph showing Jake yelling racist obscenities.

I grew up in West Germany after WWII. Plenty of awkward situations took place with the people my Dad had to interact with…

You know…the 1930s rallies and all. Seems that no Nazi sympathizers existed back then. :confused:


Thats nice since his followers will be crying next November


That’s OK when der Führer is elected he will institute reeducation camps and those people will all learn how to treat him with the proper deference.


We follow orders. That’s the Ticket.

Hillary should be studying 2 or 3 times a week, Advanced Debating Techniques: Overcoming a Cocky Blowhard.

Right now. Uh, Rachel M. had characterized this as him really having trouble with protesters and ultimately getting shouted down. Complete B.S. He had already answered his final puffball question and was thanking the adoring audience before leaving when 1 more or several more protesters yelled out, the last lot. He handled all of it like a gentleman, unruffled and good-natured. Told the protesters that they had done a good job together and smiled easily and maganimously. Hillary needs to be ready for this, it’s no walk in the park.


Being as it’s his crowd: Why aren’t his massenversammlungs full of open-carry ammosexuals?

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And yet, in national polls, Hillary is deemed the best qualified to fight Islamic extremism.

Go figure. For TPM and for the NYT trying to pretend that the GOPers and Trump with their staged “bellicosity” could ever do what is needed is disgusting to me. They posture–like Bush in the flight suit–for the public, but behind the scenes they haven’t got a clue.

Meanwhile, Hillary is in there figuring out the next important steps–go after the recruiters who use the internet to persuade dorks like the guy in San Bernardino that they too can be “powerful” from the comfort of their own living room.

The GOP has a proven record of being hideously weak on terror. Time to trumpet that, rather than trumpet Mr. Trump’s supposed “power” as an adversary to terror.