Discussion: Trump Suggests Vets Who Need Mental Health Services Aren't 'Strong' (VIDEO)

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The RAF term in WWII was “Lack of moral fibre”


Let’s not be too harsh on Trump about this. I hear his bone spurs were acting up today.


Crazy, but his craziness is like a clock in its schedule.


I guess if you were captured AND suffer from PTSD you’re a real turd on a stick.


He went on to call for stronger mental health initiatives for veterans, promising a “very, very robust level of performance having to do with mental health.”

Riiight, because this…

“And you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it.”

…sounds like a comment from someone who is going to be sympathetic to and supportive of mental health services.


How long untill he says he didn’t say this thing he just said?


Isn’t Hillary the first candidate ever to make mental health care a high profile part of her profile?
Donald is just copying by making mental health a visible element of his campaign—HIS mental health.


He just assumed everyone in that room didnt suffer from any form of PTSD.


How can ANY veteran support him after that callous statement? How is it possible to say that and still have ANY support from ANYONE!?!


And the calluses on his tweeting fingers. Probably constipated from all the junk food without a vegetable in sight

@thepsyker you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it."

That’s a perfect example of the passive-aggressive thing he does. Maybe some of the Mexicans are not rapists, but I don’t know. Maybe Clinton needs Second Amendment remedies, but I don’t know.


Meh. I yield to no one in thinking this guy’s a dope who says outrageously offensive things dozens of times a day. This bit is an expression of his obsession with strength, but it’s just not that big a deal. It’s not an excellent thing to say, and I doubt a good therapist would say there’s a measurable S-quotient where above a certain level you can deal with combat memories and below it you have problems. But he’ll say five things much worse than this before the day’s over.

ETA: After reading @firewing2’s comments I feel remiss, like I graded this on a Donaldian curve. Firewing’s perspective threw the offhand callousness and insensitivity into far higher relief. I apologize for not considering that more.


As an Afghanistan veteran who came back with PTSD, allow me respond with a resounding “GO FUCK YOURSELF.”

A lot of my buddies came back with PTSD, a lot of them had suicidal ideation. Drag yourself through 130 degree days where everyone you see may have a bomb or a weapon concealed on their person, and you’re working 20-22 hour days 6-7 days a week, getting all your sleep 15-60 mins at a time…

It does bad things to the human psychology.

We endure that because we believe that our actions protect our country and our families, but it leaves a lot of scars, physical and emotional. Soldiers do the best they can to help one another, and the DOD and the VA have done a lot of work to improve support on this matter lately, but one thing you will not hear from any soldier, at least no soldier who actually did a tour, is that these men are weak or inferior.

PTSD and Suicide are wounds, as sure as from a bullet or from shrapnel. You don’t mock them any more than you mock someone who, like me, will walk with a limp for the rest of his life because of the IED that destroyed the vehicle I was in.

And if you think I’m weak because I speak to a therapist every weak, Donald, you’re welcome to come say it to my face.


EDIT: Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond with their thanks and encouragement. It’s quite humbling.


Say what you will about Donald Trump, he is a living advertisement for the necessity of robust mental health programs.


Statistically HIGHLY unlikely…


That might be more believable if he could remember which foot had the bone spurs…

Simpering malignant nacissist coward who “rigs” the system for his own benefit - draft dodging is just one of many instances.


“I don’t pay taxes, because who wants to support Vets who are Weak?”

–Donald J. Drumpf


Suddenly my fantasy genie wishes now include you getting to be alone in the same room with Donald Trump.


“Old Heel Spurs” just layin’ down some smack.


I’m a vet who left Vietnam in Sept 1967 for the 2nd and last time. Now almost 50 years later I still on occasion wake with the shakes and sweats after reliving a firefight. I retired from the Army in 1987 so you would think other events I experienced over those years of service I would relive, nope just the hellhole of Vietnam. Maybe it was a function of youth and first time but at this point I just don’t care, just wish the dreams etc would stop.

Then how the hell would the COWARD know…