Discussion: Trump Spokeswoman Defends Muslim Ban: 'So What? They're Muslim' (VIDEO)

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to make a point of it…

so what? you’re a woman…

let’s just marginalize…


The scary part of all this for me is how apparent it has become that you don’t need any ideas,or a plan. All you need is scapegoat and good chunk of the country will just fall in line and march in lockstep right behind you,scary stuff.


“There really is something new to the idea of banning an entire religious group from entering the country,” Cupp said in response. “Peddling this unconservative … garbage has got to stop.”

I love how conservatives use Islamophobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, ad nauseam in order to peddle their agenda, but the moment someone like Trump is a little too open, or goes a little too far, they say he’s not a real conservative. Sorry, S.E., Trump’s in the same bed with the rest of you, and you can’t define him out of it.


Trump’s version of a "bimbo eruption."


Ok…where to start…

Hmmm, Katrina Pierson is a hypocrite is a pretty good start, Pete Sessions crushed her in last year’s GOP primary race and Allen West is strangely a fan of hers (warning: there’s a pop-up on that page that involves the usual bs about Sharia (whoever she is…), but however it can be clicked off.)

“and to think that today is Wednesday…”


Ultra conservative versus troglodyte conservative. That’s what passes for “balance” at CNN these days. Giving voice to the voiceless!


Everson v. Board of Education (1947):

The "establishment of religion" clause of the First Amendment means at least this: Neither a state nor the Federal Government can set up a church. Neither can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion over another. Neither can force nor influence a person to go to or to remain away from church against his will or force him to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion.

Our government has no business asking anyone what their religion is nor can it favor one religion over another. Barring those who profess one religion from immigrating to this country while allowing those with other religions in, disfavors that religion. All the government can do, and all that it need do, is demand that the prospective immigrant adhere to the Constitution. (And even there, the proposed immigrant need not approve of all aspects of the Constitution, the immigrant has pledge to abide by them until and unless changed by the means provided therein.)

What an individual believes is no business of the Federal government.


Ass vs. Hole…


Well lets be clear. Ms. Cupp’s real concern is damage to the GOP. She’ll construct her language to give the impression its American values she wants to preserve but that’s bullshit. ( read above how she finagled un-conservative into her statement ) She isn’t stupid and she knows where all this is going and it isn’t good for the GOP. America will not be harmed all that much by it. Muslims will not be banned and Trump will not be President. She knows that. But there will be substantial damage to the GOP done by Trump’s antics. He’s running with an ® after his name.

That’s what these assholes are concerned with. They’re all proud bigots…bigotry doesn’t bother them. They’re all stanch nativists…nativism doesn’t bother them. And they all love war so bombing families does not bother them. Losing an election does.


It’s good news that not all conservatives are standing with Trump on this, even if it’s only because they don’t him to be the candidate. But Cupp’s notion that the idea that banning Muslims is “unconservative” is ridiculous. It’s very conservative, given the xenophobic track record of conservatives long before Trump came along.


That’s another plank in Donald’s platform.

She is also adding parts, if you ban people from specific countries than maybe there is an unbiased case. If you just say Muslims it is saying that the religion is the problem. The guy in this scenario was a US citizen and lived in the US his whole life or the vast majority. The visa system was used to get his wife. That has nothing to do with refugees. And really, it sounds like these people would have passed any check system you want to put in place.

I like that many conservatives are so gun ho on fighting terrorism but are the first to basically accept the fear and go nuts with it. Doing more or less what any terrorist group would want them to do.


Hey America is a free nation that was founded on Christian principles, is still a Christian nation day, and if we want to ban other religions we should be free to do that. Freedom baby!


if we want to ban other religions we should be free to do that.

Its from the Freedom to Ban all non-Christian Religions clause in conservative constitution. The next amendment is to stop all non whites to be legal residents/citizens of this great conservative white nation.


I don’t know. She sounds like a dick.


Step 2 - winnowing out the wrong kind of Christians


Could she be referring to the very same visa system that benefited two out of the three Trump wives?


i.e. American Jesus followers. Fuck that turn the other cheek bs. Pic one, no. Pic two, Hell Yes!.

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I had a stinging rebuttal to your comment, but the volume on my snark detector low; I turned it up, and the needle went right over.