Discussion: Trump Spent $300K Of Donor Money On Books From ‘Art Of The Deal’ Publisher

More like the “Fart of the Steal”…


Subtitle - The Art of the Con (both the verb and the noun)


All those trumpists should be really pissed when they discover how trump has taken advantage of them; but they probably won’t ever discover that.


He’s now going to tell us that his books are bestsellers again, because he’s so great.


But it’s a best seller!

…just like Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard!

(Those that are old enough, I know you remember those endless commercials.)


This is one more shining example of the old line about fools and their money. But, hey, when a leg busts offa the soffy, there’ll be something to prop 'er up on.


Grifters gotta Grift
Anyone surprised?
That was his Presidential Business plan .
Fleece the rubes.
It worked


Small hands are smaaaaaaaaallllllllllll…

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So when HO is buying his book from Penguin/Random House if he is buying in large enough quantities he’s getting a 42-47% discount. The hardback can be found used, but unless Random House reprinted it the hardback is out of print.
After the election people will try and return it. B&N won’t take it without a receipt, and any good indy should also be following this policy. Any store that deals in used copies will cut off buying back copies in new or used condition. So now Trump is a tree killer along with being a groper.
From a former bookseller:" May all your future endeavors keep you on the remainder table of life."


This is yet another sign (as if we needed one) of Trump’s mental illness. He claims to be worth billions, yet he can’t pass up an opportunity for some petty grifting. It’s truly pathological. He’d probably steal quarters out of a Salvation Army collection bucket and, when caught on camera doing it, deny it.


The con continues to the very end.


To understand Trump, remember the fable of the scorpion and the duck.

A scorpion was trying to cross a river. A duck came along, and the scorpion asked, “Would you carry me across the river?” The duck replied, “You will sting me and we will both drown.” The scorpion said, “What!?? That would be crazy.”

So the duck agreed. The scorpion climbed on, and out into the river they went.

Halfway across, the scorpion stung the duck. As the duck was dying, she said, “Why did you do that?”

The scorpion replied, “I’m a scorpion. I can’t help myself.”

That’s Trump.


He has to take. He’s not interested in earning. He’s interested in taking. This was always what mystified me about these grasping chiselers. It would be easier and saner to just make the money honestly—provide value for money and live well. But that’s not the motivation. You have to take from others and provide nothing in return, and the fact that you didn’t earn it is exactly the point. You are strong and they are weak and for a moment you feel good.


Didn’t the guy who actually wrote the book say all his royalties would be going somewhere worthwhile? I don’t remember if it was political against Trump or an actual charity.

Add kleptomania to his long list of personality disorders.


Actually, they simply don’t believe it. The reality is that they have been told repeatedly that Trump has been shoveling money into his own pockets from the campaign. It’s why the Big Donors abandoned him. He’s been holding events either at or near Trump properties so that he can stay in his own hotels- forcing his staff to do so and the press. He’s been buying up books that he may not have relinquished his royalties for. The list goes on and the media has talked about it. The problem is that the people supporting Trump just don’t care.


Scorpion: “By the way, I can swim. This isn’t my first river.”

In fact, had he pursued that course, he’d almost certainly be wealthier than he is today. But what would be the point - how much more piss-elegant Baroque marble and gilt could the world stand?


The most clear case is the wedding caterer for his second wedding to Marla Maples. The caterer was just starting out, and Trump ordered a huge setup. At the end of a hugely successful celebration, Trump met with the caterer. He said, “This was wonderful. You will be able to use this publicity that you catered my wedding and you will be made. Since that is a favor, I will not be paying you for this celebration” He totally stiffed her. What a gigantic piece of crap.