Discussion: Trump Spends Saturday Tweeting About 'Witch Hunt,' Admits He Hasn't Read It

Oh, FFS…

*I think that the above is going to be my standard response going forward for anything Trump (or Sanders).


" …and admitting he hadn’t yet read the report, “even though I have every right to do so.”

I believe the verb is “claiming,” not admitting. There’s no reason to treat anything that comes outta Hair Furor’s mouth as accurate. Doing so just helps him to peddle a narrative.


Although, let’s be honest here. Do you really think Trump is capable of reading a 400 page report, even if his name appears a lot in it?


^^ This. Trump has negative credibility. Anyone whose mouth isn’t caked in foam should presume everything Trump says about his own activities is a self-serving lie, until and unless at least some evidence appears that supports his claim.

No human in modern history has been as tireless as Trump at squandering the benefit of a doubt.


Poor fella is obsessed. Have we ever had a president so juvenile? Our grandson isn’t as whiny as this, and he’s thirteen.


6 tweets on Mueller. I guess that exoneration thing is not going so well. Kinda feels like Barr is going to cry uncle and release a good portion of that report.


Boy, it must be nice to talk so much shit, constantly, while your hand picked corrupt ass kissing attorney general is still sitting on and whiting out every single bad thing about you and your scumbag relatives and associates in the entire Report.


I remember when a Loon was just a water bird making racket in the morning.


I noticed a lot of repeat phrasing in those tweets. Sad when a man begins to repeat himself over and over again can the home be that far behind? Poor little Dotard, Sad little Dotard.


Do you really think Trump is capable of reading a 400 page report, even if his name appears a lot in it?

I don’t really know, but not according to the image that’s been drawn of him.
By the same token, where he perceives his own welfare to be concerned, he has been willing to go to great lengths to secure what he wants.
Splitting the difference, however, I think that a situation in which he was briefed by a trusted reader is more than conceivable. In that case, his claim is a bad faith literal truth, which fits his MO to a T.


*13 Angry Trump hating Dems (later brought to 18) *

Oh, c’mon donnie. Those aren’t the only two counts you’ve used over the past two years for the precise number of Angry Dems investigating you. So, please, next time you bring this up, I expect a cimplete history of how that count has fluctuated. Use as many tweets as you need.


Lindsey Graham had a pretty immediate Freudian slip that the White House was involved in the Barr review and redaction process. I am surprised that it hasn’t been investigated and hammered on by the Media. Given what a Trump apologist Lindsey Graham has become.


This is like reading letters and words cut out of a magazine by a psychotic child. Our president.


At least Trump will hear the details when he watches fake news. Fox won’t cover it.


I am soo tempted to create a line chart showing the Number of Angry Dems in the Witch Hunt Over Time…


All I know is a man who feels completely vindicated and beyond reproach wouldn’t be behaving like this. Someone with something to hide, however, certainly would.


The President had another episode of incoherence and slurred speech today.
The “oranges” for origins speech problem was just a few days ago.
If this kind of thing occurs with more frequency it will become a real issue.


Tweet Translation: So much collusion. There has never been so much collusion, it is the collusion record of all time, I can tell you that. People are saying they didn’t know you could collude so much because all the other Presidents tried but couldn’t, but with all the collusion going on now they are saying different things. I have heard people saying that Obama never had anything close to my collusion. But the fake news won’t tell you that because they are the enemy of the people and they all collude with each other, but their puny colluding is nothing compared to the tremendous amount of colluding I do.


Really? I’m not surprised at all.