Discussion: Trump: Skipping The Fox Debate May Have Cost Me First Place In Iowa (VIDEO)

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Whiny and self-justifying; but in this case he’s not wrong.
I wonder if Trump is suffering from episodes of manic self-aggrandizement- even for him, though, there might be a point where he pushes it too far.


I can think of a lot of reasons why Trump would have lost. Skipping the debate is low on the list.


No, just the people saying they’d vote for the single percent folks realized only the top three stood any chance at all of getting elected and the ones that say they’ll vote for you are all talk and no action.

Maybe he will do better in states with lower education levels. Whatever. Losers make huuuuge excuses.

A pompous ass with a pompadour hair.


Trump is only allied with an organization defined by the IRS (sic) as a “veteran’s organization” on paper. A real veteran’s organization has people who belong to it.

Veterans know Trump is a coward who has no regard for them, except as a political prop.


There is a small hole in the bubble of stupid.


“If I had to do it again, I would have done the exact same thing. And the reason is — do you know why? Because I raised $6 million for the vets in one hour,” he said. “So if I took a second place instead of a first place and could give the vets $6 million dollars, I’ll do that all day long.”

“Especially when I’m scared shitless of going head-to-head with a woman moderator.”


If Trump were music, he’d have just one note…ME ME ME ME ME ME


Seems as one commentator said it was either caucus or WWE,seems like Vince McMahon won.

Trump: Skipping The Fox Debate May Have Cost Me First Place In Iowa

I would have said that being an asshole cost you first place in Iowa, but then it didn’t seem to have had any effect on Cruz. So if by skipping the Fox debate you gave the perception of being frightened of facing a scary girl, then, yeah, it may have cost you first place. If you can’t stand up to Megyn Kelly, how are you going to stand up to Angela Merkel?

As far as the “vets” are concerned, you could write them a check for $6 Mil from petty cash and never miss it.

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Yeah that’s what I think. It may have been a factor, but how much really? I bet it’s more about fibbing to pollsters.

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Well that was cold! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You’re absolutely right. Raised “6 million for Vets”? Bullshite!

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“People didn’t talk about my second place. They didn’t talk about it as positively as they should’ve,” Trump said.

Because you came in second place, doofus.

I was just about to mock Trump for thinking second place means he should be treated as the President, but then I remembered that Republicans expect to be awarded the Presidency even when they come in second place, c.f. Bush the Younger.

“It could’ve been with the debate. I think some people were disappointed that I didn’t go in the debate,”

I’m not. That would been deplorable and disgusting.


… I raised $6 million for the vets in one hour.

Then deposited the proceeds in his own private foundation.

Seriously, why aren’t the feds opening a fraud investigation on that?


Jesus, he’s stupid. If the 2,000 votes Rubio trailed him by is “a lot of votes, by the way,” then the more than 6,000 he lost to Cruz by is also a lot of votes by the way. God help him if he’s ever in a real debate with someone who doesn’t care about insulting his mouth breathing admirers by showing what a slow-witted lummox he is.


No, he isn’t. He lost in Iowa because he’s a superficial douche who didn’t understand how Iowa, works, didn’t see the need to learn how Iowa works and thus didn’t even recognize how much it was necessary for him to learn in order to make an intelligent decision about who to hire to do that which he was either incapable or uninterested in doing himself.

And this is what makes the very idea of him being president both laughable and terrifying. The belief that he doesn’t need to get into the details, that he just hire “top people” and tells them to do what needs to be done and report back to him. Indeed, he’s the kind of manager who thinks big picture information is “detail” that’s beneath him.

In a lot of ways, he’s everything that made McCain a bad candidate to a power of ten because McCain at least had a supporting structure of professionals that just came with being a senator and virtual party boss, plus a few decades to soak up at least some knowledge whether he wanted to or not.

If Trump wasn’t his own boss–working with a heavily capitalized business that was already a going concern when he took it over-- no one would hire him to be a CEO and whoever hired him would fire him because he really is an utter incompetent.