Discussion: Trump Shrugs Off NK Missiles, Bizarrely Claims Kim Called Biden 'Low IQ Individual'

This is getting beyond ridiculous. He’s openly praising a dictator while claiming missile tests were some “small weapons.” If a Democratic president had said even a small fraction of anything remotely like this the right wingers would have passed out on their collective fainting couches, but treasonous behavior is A-OK as long as it’s their guy. Not to mention, the irony of misspelling a man’s name while simultaneously calling him “low IQ” is just too much for words.


Great way to honor our war dead on Memorial Day weekend: praise the North Korean leader while on Japanese soil.


The incoherence of that Tweet is amazing. It wasn’t enough to simply claim that black was white and that up was down. Instead, he had to find a way to insult a rival instead. Kim, who called Trump a “dotard,” called Biden “a low IQ individual”? It seems to me that Kim has a more creative vocabulary than our Dotard, and would have, if he cared to, come up with a much better insult (and made it public).


Is TPM correcting Trump’s spelling now? The original tweet spelled the former VP’s name as “Bidan”.


idiocy: noun: extremely stupid behavior. “the idiocy of decimating rainforests” · synonyms: stupidity · folly · foolishness · foolhardiness · madness · insanity · lunacy · silliness · brainlessness · thoughtlessness · senselessness · lack of sense · indiscretion


Trump’s campaign has become his ego and vice versa…

His lifetime of perpetual self-promotion dovetails with this very seamlessly.

Every word he says, every thought he stumbles through, every outrageous act will be for the purpose of promoting his campaign, as if it is his ego.

Which it has become.


I wondered that too because the versions I saw everywhere on the internet made the misspelling glaringly obvious.


It’s becoming clearer that Trump’s a masochist.

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Ordinary, hell extraordinary, language no longer seems capable of capturing Trumpian horseshit. It always seems to come down to the fact that in all matters Trumps ego trumps everything.


Trump’s people fixed it eventually. Can’t have misspellings messing up the algorithms when deplorables are searching for the president’s latest libel.


That was my first thought as well; Kim is much better-spoken than “low IQ individual”. That’s more the phrasing used by someone who thinks he sounds intelligent if he strings random words and phrases together in an authoritative manner.


Mr. Trump is wearing down the MSM. It just isn’t prepared for a POTUS who lies constantly and produces a never-ending stream of increasingly incoherent public communications. Of course, the reason he is able to do this is the deafening silence from the GOP side of the aisle. GOP pols are either his enablers or hunkered down in their bunkers, waiting for the storm to pass. The total refusal of his party to serve as any check on Mr. Trump has given him a freedom of movement never seen before in a major national pol. Whoever his eventual Dem opponent becomes, he/she had better start immediately working on a ‘chaos messaging response strategy’.


So does he have to wear a ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’ medal and claim Benedict Arnold as his favorite figure in American history before people catch on?


Maybe we should feel sorry for someone is so stupid and mentally incompetent but I don’t.
Our Country is falling back into the dark ages and the Republican Party is totally responsible.


Like I said you can’t teach stupid. Simple pleasures for the simple minded fool. Simpleton Donald Trump. The Trump experience is got wrenching. What a nauseating experience that this idiot is our president a liar a thief and a cheat a ConMan a carnival barker a traitor And illegitimate president a lowlife a loser a deadbeat dad I missed anything did I say was a liar he’s a liar probably the biggest liar in this or is this ever known. A narcissistic psychopath. Donald Trump you’re nuts.


I think his masochism is secondary to him being a complete fucking asshole.
We need to be rid of whatever he is.


Maybe he’d like to invite Kim to appear on fox to offer his analysis of the other Democratic candidates?!? Just what in the hell is going on here.


This was ridiculous the day trump announced he was running and it has only got worse.
How long Nancy? How long must we suffer this? Is it just political expediency that you seek and not the good of the country? Sometimes cancer must be dealt with surgically, Ms Pelosi.


We have a winner!!!