Discussion: Trump Says We Shouldn't Bother Women Who Wear Burkas

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Wow! Trump is right again! Not having to wear make-up is exactly why women wear burkas!



There’s is no NEED to wear makeup.
And I think there are many women who wear makeup under their burkas.
Trump, the Ironic Metro-sexual.


They wear eye makeup with the burka.


Representatives of the U.S. government have lodged complaints with other nations about the practice of their female citizens wearing burkas?


Looks like Trumpy could have used a little powder himself - the sweat-stache there is giving him a real John Bolton look.


Whenever I hear Trump make another stupid offensive remark, Ben Carsen say something truly ignorant, or any other GOP moron making debunked, insensitive, and truly stupid remarks, the first thing that comes to mind is President Obama saying, “Please Proceed Governor.” Please, Please, Please, keep it up. The more you speak, the deeper the hole you are digging.


This is what happens when you put misogyny, racism, religiosity and nativism in the conservative blender: a batshit smoothie. It’s an almost ativistic autonomic applause response we witness with these people at the GOP/Teatroll rallies, but can anyone tell me WTF he was actually talking about that got them to applaud? It seems to be nothing but pure, unadulterated, crystallized nonsense he just spewed.

Was it the “fuck their women…let 'em stay oppressed” attitude…despite their constant whining about human rights abuses and the evils of ISIS, in part using their oppression of women as a bludgeon against Obama and citing it as essentially his fault?

Are they rounding some sort of bend that’s bringing them back from the nether regions of neocon nation-building nincompoopism into a more isolationist, nativist “fuck the rest of the world…let 'em rot” foreign policy viewpoint?

Do they simply just hate Muslims and Islamic culture such that they cheer mindlessly when anything is said about them in an angry tirade, like dogs who don’t know what they fuck you’re saying to them but respond in a pavlovian manner to tone?

I mean, seriously, someone please deconstruct this, because today is busy, and I really can’t find my way to an explanation of what the fuck he was actually saying here and why it had these trained-seal Teatrolls clapping their flippers.


The wane of fame’s affecting Donald’s brain, olay…

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They are wearing it because they want to. If there is one fucking thing that vexes me about Americans its their insular view of the world. Muslim women wear the garb for the same reason a Christian woman wears a cross. They want to. Until we get this…many folks don’t want to do things our way…we will never be successful in winning these culture wars we never should have started.

I remember many years ago sitting in a cafe in Tehran. There was water in the street and I watched a woman in a jilbab ( long dress ) style thing and a full head scarf trying to cross the road. As she tried to leap the water at the curb she pulled up the skirt to keep it dry. She had on the brightest red pumps I’ve ever seen…I think they were Prada.

I think we should all give it up. We don’t understand them and they don’t understand us. But I don’t understand my cats either and we get along just fine. I don’t fight with my cats. I put up with their shit and they put up with mine…and it works well that way.


This remark was designed to keep Trump’s name in the media.

Nice going, TPM, you did precisely what he wanted.



I agree with his sentiment, but what a weird, offensive way to express it. If Trump becomes President, might as well put the Dept. of State on temporary abeyance as there’s no diplomacy that’ll overcome his blustering.

I’m practically speechless at Drumpf’s idiotic comment.
I never thought I’d be reduced to spitting out acronyms…but, there it is…


You agree with that sentiment?? What part?

Yes, it is Ms. Cruz…again. Clearly she sits waiting for the latest Trump news to regurgitate.

I so agree.

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Trump prefers the toupee to having to frequently shave & wax his scalp.

But only if people hear about it. All lot of this sort of absurd stuff that Trump says gets ignored by the media so only political junkies hear about it. Notice that none of the media ever ask Trump about his birther rampage against the President. Or any other of his racist comments. Rather, they invite him to their programs with open arms.

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Who would accept an offer to be his VP nominee?