Discussion: Trump Says Polls Prove He Won Last Debate, Breitbart Poll Finds Him Losing

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The snap polls by TV stations are a classic example of their assist in “dumbing down” America. Disgusting and anti-education.


Of course - NOW - the polls are great. Later today and tomorrow - Polls are terrible, rigged, inaccurate.


Life is good when you live in your own little bubble.

The world of 100% election victories


I sat through the entirety of a debate for the only time last night.

After, CBS did a live poll of 25 undecideds they had in their studio for the debate.
I was more ticked at this group of idiots than I was at Chump last night.

You can look at poll results-- and get a feel for what occurred–
without having to listen to ‘why’ a candidate deserved support of someone polled.

But directly following approx 1hr of Chump delivering zero comprehendable content?
Hearing some of the inane sh^t that passes for thought-- in support of Chump?
Coming out of the pieholes of anyone of these fools-- who ostensibly cancels my vote?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a greater urge-- to slap someone with an open hand.
(‘Did you NOT just hear this man speak?’)

I’m still flummoxed this morning.



Man, down to the “local affiliates” level requires a massive amount of cherry picking.


Ya’ know? I thought about that too.
They claimed to have 8 HRC leaners, 9 Chump leaners, and 8 ‘still didn’t knows’.

Figured if HRC has an 88% chance of winning nationally-- and they were in Las Vegas?
They had to have done something like a jury panel-- probably 200+ people–
to find the 17 that leaned Chump/‘still didn’t know’ as of 8pm last night.



Trump does not believe in polls, unless they show he’s winning. That’s really all we need to know.


Oh ya. And they all do it. Even NPR. And it’s consistent - debate after debate. It really makes me question who is pulling the strings.


Trump claims there is a yuuuge problem with voter fraud, and (especially dark) people voting 5 or 6 times at the polling places. Yet, he brags about the results of on-line “polls” in which his minions do just that. Sad.


Those online polls were probably gamed by Trump supporters after the first debate - they were mad at the media for saying he didn’t do well, they lashed out, etc.

Now…now, I don’t think it’s just the Trump supporters. I think random trolls are seeing how wrapped up he gets in these online polls, so they’re gaming the hell out of them so they can get a laugh out of him tweeting the result. Seriously, one of those polls he cited gave him 96% of the votes. When he put that in his graphic, he got trolled hard.


A year ago, he was amusing. Six months ago, he was scary. Now he’s just pathetic.


He thinks he won the debate. Shows us all we need to know about his infinite delusional vanity. Princeton Electoral Consortium, this morning as I drink my coffee and read the comments of this community, has Hillary Clinton’s chance of winning at 97% “random drift” and 98.7% " Bayesian."

Meanwhile, immediately following the debate, his son said his performance should be graded on the curve of someone who is new at politics and not by the same standards as a 30 year political veteran should be judged.

Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC graded Trump’s debate on an even more ridiculous curve than Trump’s son, he “interpreted” Trump’s incoherent rambings on Foreign Policy to have “invoked” by reference more articulate conservative critiques of Pres Obama’s policies.


Is he lying, or delusional? I’ve been puzzled by that one for months, but a psychologist wrote in to The Atlantic a few days ago and now I think that’s not how to frame the question:

Trump is aware that there are other views of reality than his own. The narcissistic project is to argue, charm, bully the world into accepting his view of reality, including but also going beyond his grandiose view of self. Insisting on this view leads others to mistake his aberrance for lying.

You can accept that and still not be entirely clear if he understands how ridiculous and absurd these contradictions seem to us. But at some level he understands we don’t yet agree with him. He just says this crazy stuff because his mental illness requires that he do it. 


Trump has simply abandoned the truth and does not seem to care how absurd, and ridiculous he sounds anymore


I hadn’t thought about that, but of course it makes sense and explains these bizarre outliers. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should look into a second (but very short) career as a TrumpTroll.


Trump: I have always said that I only approve of the polls which show me ahead, rest of them are not worthy.

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Same with CNN’s crowd of undecided suckers. Even the Clinton supporters did not sound real swift. But consider the source: they are pulling from a population of slack-jawed dullards that have not managed to pick a side after a year and a half of the campaign.


It was amazing all the bs he was making up and blaming on Hillary. Wow what a perfect example of the republican party of today.


Each of his kids counts as a separate poll. They are quite astute. /snark

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