Discussion: Trump Says Debate Moderators Shouldn't Fact-Check, Candidates Should Call Out Each Other

Ah yes, the Whoever-shouts-the-loudest school of debate.


‘if he does fact check me I’ll puff up and go day-glo orange in my face and stomp my feeties’

way to work the refs Cheeto…

Irony of ironies, I saw this article at approximately the same time I heard Donald fucking Rumsfeld on MSNBC saying he believes Trump is TRUTHFUL while Hillary is not.


I don’t care if they fact check the candidates in real time I just want there to be a MST3000 version afterwards.


Facts, the truth, and observable reality are a liberal conspiracy. Next up, the Bilderbergs: reptiles or aliens?

TrumptheTroll says " … " . Roflmfao .