Discussion: Trump Says 'All Options' On The Table After North Korea Launches Missile

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Is there any option at all? My sense is that Russia is a key player who needs to be engaged.


Republicans don’t want unstable people having nuclear weapons. But they vote against mental health related limitations on ownership of guns right here in this country. It’s bad for an insane person to nuke me, but OK for one to have a gun in my presence.

Got it.


What if we dropped Donald Trump on North Korea?


I used to say in a joking manner that possession of personal nukes is implied by the 2nd amendment. We’re not there yet, but what about armor piercing uranium bullets? What can’t I have those, to defend my liberty?


I think Kim should simply announce that he is building a Trump Tower in Pyongyang. This will bring Trump to the negotiating table immediately.
I’m not joking in the least, as you probably understand.


Well Mr. President, I appreciate your newly-found open-mindedness.
Why not declare “winning!”, go home to your dacha and don’t come back.
Pence will be happy to fill out the forms.
Just about everybody else will be happy, “full stop”.

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If mankind survives another 1000 years history books written in 3017 will say the United States was a toxic, militaristic aberration on the planet. A fetid stew of violent, hateful, bigoted vermin the Great Annihilation of 2145 thankfully rid everyone of.


And as soon as someone lets him know what the options are he’ll tell us and claim they were his.

“It just keeps going,” Scarborough said. “You keep thinking they couldn’t have done anything dumber than this — but they just did.”
The “Morning Joe” host repeated his claim from the day before that Trump never expected to win, but instead ran for president to enhance his brand.
“This was all a money-making scam,” Scarborough said. “He thought Jeb Bush was going to beat him. He was going to — straight-out Steve Miller Band and ‘Take the Money and Run.’”

I agree with Scarborough, Donald doesn’t have a clue what to do and never really wanted the job, he was just trying to enhance his brand and get a foot into Russia to make more money. I can believe that.


“The world has received Donald Trump’s latest message loud and clear:

His regime has signaled its contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behavior,”

We are truly living in Bizzarro World.

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Great. Resign. Let professionals handle the Presidency.

You keep saying, “All options are on the table.”

At some point, you’re going to have to select one and use it. Perhaps sue them - that’s the only one you know. Oh, and you did that thing where you sent cruise missiles to a basically empty airfield in Syria. I don’t think something like that would produce a very good result in this situation.


Broken… broken… anyone? Record.


Jinx. That was precisely my first thought when I saw this.


Yeah, but that’s sand paper. Rough and tough stuff.


Trump is going to send another of his huge, epic hurricanes at the NorKs.


I was wondering if he was working on a way to fire Kim. He’s good at that, too.

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The world to Cockholster: “Great. Thanks.”

This last election would seem to contradict that…