Discussion: Trump Retweets Meme Mocking Heidi Cruz's Appearance

Yuge amounts of class there, Donny.


I am waiting for these hypocrites to renounce circulating pictures mocking Hillary Clinton’s appearance, or attacking her spouse.


That picture is 999 words too many.

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Real women don’t need Ted to protect us.


I’m not one to believe violence solves much, and stupid displays of machismo are so lame. However, when someone goes out of their way to disparage your spouse/partner I think society grants the insulted couple broad leeway and forgiveness in how they choose to respond. Taking the high road earns a lot of points. But surrendering to a more primitive response isn’t highly faulted. I think Cruz could literally and figuratively knock Trump out of this race. I’d love to see them meet in a nationally televised setting, one where Trump succumbed to his idiotic misogyny and trashed Heidi somehow, or blurted some rude innuendo. Then right there, on camera, Cruz succinctly announces he’s had enough and cold cocks Trump. Lays him out. I have to believe a few million people would leap off their sofas in joy. I know I would, despite thinking Cruz is Trump’s equal on the odious scale. Who the hell disagrees with defending their spouse’s honor?


I love the smell of a scorched-earth GOP primary in the morning . . . It smells like VICTORY!


Despicable in its own right, but let’s all take some time to reflect on the fact that this exchange is between the two leading candidates in one of two major political parties in a world superpower.

That’s the irony in Trump and his slogan. He’s not making America great. He’s turning a sizable portion of it into an unreasonable cesspool of pure intellectual shit.


Breaking: Donald Trump has the psychological makeup of a 12-year-old. And also wants our nuclear codes.


I’m not sure this even passes as 12. Thinking he’s more like a demon child at 8, setting fire to his grandmother’s house.

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Ooohh… Love this.

The very fact that these two are engaging in this kind of conduct (and don’t forget that Cruz’s people were the first to attack Trump’s wife, not vice versa) is the clearest possible indication of not only their unfitness to lead anything bigger than a junior high school “kool kids’ table,” but also of their fundamental pissy-assed wimp cowardice. Sorry–there is no way that either one of them could cold-cock the other; in fact, I think that Cruz is probably even more glass-jawed than Donald. But I’m willing to pay money to watch their ineffectual slap-fight.



I’m aware that an independent PAC neither funded, directed, consulted with or advised by Cruz’s campaign ran the ad the bothered Trump. I could look, but would you direct me to a link or citation where Cruz personally disparaged, threatened or insulted Melania?


Perhaps this may be the wrong story to insert what I have below. However, if Trump were to succeed in getting the Nomination (as, apparently, so many Progressives desire so as to watch him “get creamed”), one thing to remember is that the GOP is about attaining Power…by any means legal or illegal. This story below is the prelude of what is to come.

In passing…I agree with the post of progress above. He is what progress asserts and much more. He is a man who has never had to pay the full consequences of his actions, who has too much notoriety and influence, who has the thralls of the MSM in his pocket and who has the support of a sector of the population who would vote for him under any and all circumstances.

If and when Trump gets the Nomination, I would hope that responsible people would do this:

To compile a listing (both corporate and “journalist”) of the MSM facilitators who made the Trump phenomenon possible.

THIS STORY BELOW IS FROM: Electoral Vote website

Voting Was a Disaster in Arizona
In 2013, the Supreme Court overturned significant portions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This brought an end to federal government oversight of 16 states with a history of discriminatory voting practices. All 16 are red (or purple) states, and most of them promptly responded to the ruling by instituting new ID requirements, or getting rid of polling places, or reducing the hours during which polling places were open, or all of the above. The changes, invariably described as an attempt to “fight fraud” or “save money” are a bald attempt to reduce minority turnout.

Judging by what happened in Arizona Tuesday, it’s working. In many areas with large minority populations, such as Maricopa County, the lines to vote were generally an hour or more, and sometimes the wait was as much as five hours. In some predominantly Latino areas, there were no polling places at all. As The Nation notes, the word “disenfranchised” was being used quite liberally.

There is time enough before the general election for lawsuits to be filed; presumably the DNC is working on that already. But whether those lawsuits are resolved in time for the election, especially with an eight-person Supreme Court, is another question. It is entirely possible that a few close states, most obviously Arizona, New Mexico, and North Carolina, could end up in the Republican column due to these machinations.

With that said, the Republicans need to be thinking very carefully about how important one presidential election is in the infinite scheme of things. If the Party imposes a non-Trump candidate on its voters, many of whom are already furious with the establishment, the bad taste among those who are already unhappy with the party could linger for decades or generations. Similarly, the writing is on the wall when it comes to the GOP and non-white voters: They need some. And keeping those voters from the polls through shenanigans could forever burn the bridges that the GOP needs to build. (Z)


Trump and Cruz are two cheesedicks who should be pantsed in front of the world!

presumably the DNC is working on that already.

LOL. There’s no mention of any sort on the DNC’s website about the voter suppression in Arizona, but don’t worry—Debbie Wasserman Schultz has two tweets about National Puppy Day.


I know that Cruz would dump his Mom, Dad and Mother Teresa in the dumpster to get what he wants…but any person who believes that the kind of Evil that Trump represents is somehow “equivalent” to that of Cruz has some thinking to do.

Trump is past satanic…and to make Trump some kind of “aggrieved” party “unfairly treated” (with regard to THIS or anything else) is myopic to the extreme.

This is ALL on Trump’s plate.


My wife is hotter, and my fingers are nicer. Am I President yet?


Breaking News: Donald Trump proposes swimsuit competition and wet T-shirt contest for candidate spouses. Film at 11.