Discussion: Trump Resisted Lowering Flag Because He Thought McCain Coverage Was Excessive

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More like Trump googled McCain and had to go down 3 pages before he found anything negative about him, whereas the Trump negativity shows in the top 10 hits


In other words, he was jealous of the attention that McCain was getting.
Wait for an EO that requires a presidential invitation to every funeral of anyone of note.


Jealous, petty, old , fat stubby fingered vulgarian, dotard…No surprise from the baby male…


Mr President, the only fair way to settle this would be for you to die of brain cancer and for a research firm of your choice to do a study comparing your news coverage vs Senator McCain’s coverage. I am sure the WH staff would be willing to make this a top priority project. After the study, you would, of course, rise from the dead.


If only Sarah could calculate the cost to HER reputation …


“It was 99 percent Sarah,” and partially Chief of Staff John Kelly’s influence that got Trump to change his mind, a senior White House official told WSJ.

That official being, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


He was especially jealous because it was a top link on Foxnews.com and got an all-caps chyron on Fox and Friends.

A side note, I am surprised Trump knows how a flagpole works.


Yes, because the best way to deflect attention from McCain’s death would be to raise the flag above the White House back up.


Well, it does make sense.

To realize that raising the flag would only multiply the coverage would have required him to think a full move ahead, and to see beyond his all-consuming jealous rage at the idea that someone else was getting the respect that he so vainly craves, and to make it even worse it was someone who doesn’t deserve any respect at all because he never gave Trump the respect that he so vainly craves either, and letting that loser win now would be the absolute worst possible thing because it would make him look like the loser which he never never never is, and …

OK, so it made sense to him …


he thought McCain’s death was getting too much news coverage. … Trump thought the reporting on McCain’s passing … was “over-the-top and more befitting a president,” in WSJ’s words.


Seriously, as a nation we have to talk about Dad. His mental health, never anything to brag about, is really heading south. Even for the new normal, this is just not normal.


Somebody in Preshitident Skanky-Manslut’s inner circle is leaking his private information. I am thinking that it is that lying sack of shit John Kelly. It is time to clear the White Shithole House of leakers, disloyal scum and traitors.


…by not leaving them lowered until McCain’s internment.

OK, My turn to be the grammar scold today: His “internment” ended when the NVA released him in 1973. “Interment” will occur later this week. Subtle difference, I know.

I’ll let myself out now…


According to people familiar with the situation who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, Trump thought the reporting on McCain’s passing, just one day after his family announced he would stop seeking medical treatment for his brain cancer, was “over-the-top and more befitting a president,” in WSJ’s words.

But Trump also gets coverage befitting a President. And he’s no President.


Be my guest! I don’t often mention it myself but I’ve been an editor for a long time and I notice and feel bugged by these things. They’re two distinct words, it’s not a gray-area thing. And worst of all, we’re forgetting our Strunk and White here. If you have a choice, choose the simpler word, which here is “burial.”


If He could kick the bucket tomorrow
You would not believe the Celebration. Top Google search guaranteed
As a matter of fact …
Hey Trump…


I’m here to make this exact comment, so it ain’t just you and Matt.


I know, Matt, that you predicted many moons ago, his decline was not going to be pretty. By now we should be inured to this shit, and yet… It. Keeps. Getting. Worse. How is this possible?


If you are suggesting a kill them all and let God sort them out policy, that is not the way things are done in the Trump White House. But maybe Putin knows somebody… -DJT

Too right! Strunk thundered against the Latinate, and he was, of course, spot on.