Discussion: Trump Reportedly Picks Retired Gen. James Mattis As Secretary Of Defense

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Anyone else notice that this is one of the few pics where he’s not pointing at the other person OR giving a thumb’s up while grinning like a hyena?


Now the #NeverTrumpers’ plan is finally coming to fruition. Gen. Mattis, with many active duty officers still loyal, will mouth support for the incoming disastrous administration and take charge of the military. Once public opinion of Trump gets low enough and demonstrators take to the street to demand his resignation, Mattis will pull an al-Sisi and stage a military coup with public support. Millenials would be cool with it, apparently.

Bill Kristol, you’re a genius!


Yeah, but he IS giving him the Celebrity Apprentice Petulant Stare of Death as he grips his hand AND his arm.


Yeah, millennialis ::heart_decoration: fascism!

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Well, looking at Trump and his Team, his vision is becoming manifest: “The League of Doublechindean Execrables”


I’m so old, I can remember when civilian control of the Pentagon was ever and always an unwritten but absolute rule.

(And, no, a retired Marine general is most definitely NOT a civilian.)

Anybody have any knowledge of anything he’s ever said about the end of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell? Anything he’s said recently about ending the ban on transgender service members? Hell, anybody know what he thinks about women in uniform?


So this is the first career military officer put in charge of the Department of Defense since George Marshal served briefly (1yr) in that capacity under Truman.

Mattis may be a great guy but there is probably a reason why for 65 years, no one else thought having an ex-general as Defense Secretary was a good idea.


He’s picking someone with military experience for Defense? Was no one from the Right Wing media or Wall Street available?


Civilian command of the Defense Department? Poof!

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So this guy is so super that Congress should pass a law allowing him to serve, even though it passed a law saying you had to be out of the service for 7 years (I think) before you can be SecDef?

This won’t be talked about generally, but more evidence–if any needed–that Drumpf will run a lawless administration.


Friends close, and enemies closer? Another humility wraith in the making?

What’s so special about this guy that they would have to change the law to allow him to serve? Maybe it’s his reward for not being the anyone-but-Trump savior, or for informing on who was behind that effort. Or maybe he’s just nuts. Or maybe he’s just someone Trump had heard of on his twitter feed.

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The Washington Post noted in its report that Mattis would not be able to take the position unless Congress passes legislation to bypass a federal law stating that a secretary of defense cannot have been on active military duty in the seven years prior to their appointment.

The fiddler calls the tune


Let’s see the Freedom Caucus get all exercised about that.

I bet you Trump wasn’t even aware that he couldnt just pick whoever he damned well pleased.


Thanks for pointing that out because I thought there was something like that.

McCain is a Mattis fan, so hes ‘all in’.

McCain n Graham aren’t going to resist this choice.

He’s everything that they yearn to be.

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Maybe so but they still have to pass a law to get around the statute. Or maybe not - just do what you want and dare somebody to say something -

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Only after having to have Googled the definition of fascism.

That thing is passing.

Mind ya, McCain isn’t gay, but he loves himself some Mattis n Petraeus.