Discussion: Trump Reportedly Expected To End DACA With Six Month Delay

At least Donnie won’t be around in 6 months…


Donald Trump: The anti-Obama, the anti-everyone but himself, the anti-Christ, in a theater near you.


The announcement is still quite vague. Implementation could range from awful to horrendous:

Also worth noting is this is yet another blow to US credibility. These young people voluntarily handed over their information to the government, trusting that the program would continue and they’d be safe. Now it will be much easier to prove in court that they’re undocumented and thus deport-able.


Sometimes it just strikes me that this is the guy who emerged as the top Republican candidate for president… This is the person they put forward to lead their party. This anti-empathic narcissist is the person they said ok, we’ll back him.

And he lost. And he’s tearing us apart. And they let him linger there…

I’m now a Dreamer. Dreaming of the day when I don’t have to be appalled and embarrassed and disgusted and horrified and saddened and shocked and intensely angered by the President of my beloved country.


I posted this in The Hive, and I’ll post it here again: this isn’t about undoing Obama’s legacy. Trump’s mind is simpler and more reptilian than that. This is simply about doing the most dickish thing possible and getting away with it. That is the sole motivation behind all of Trump’s actions.


Ever get the feeling this guy is an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole?


Actually, he’s giving himself an out. When, after 6 months, Congress once again fails to implement any meaningful immigration legislation, he can blame them for Dreamer deportations and carry on as if he had nothing to do with them. I think it’s called having your cake and eating it too.


This an action item on the preordained list. Like all the other action items, he “studies” it and reaches the forgone conclusion. Just like the National Monument stuff and transgender stuff and the ACA stuff.

It is important to him that the Obama legacy be disassembled, yes, because that is what his Russian handlers want and what all his Nazi advisors want and what his white supremacist base wants.

But at the core, this is a man who doesn’t do adaptive management. Willingness to adapt is seen as a sign of weakness. That’s why the mythical pivot never happened.

And he goes through advisors like kleenex, because… well… nobody is allowed to contradict a Custer decision…


Ever get the feeling this guy is an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole?

Yeah, as the saying goes, some people are born an asshole, others work at it everyday. Donnie, once again breaks the mold as he was born an asshole while at the same time working diligently on perfecting that status everyday.


Also remember that you are known by the company you keep, so if you are the biggest assholes you’ll surround yourself with assholes that want to be like you.


[quote=“murgatroid, post:8, topic:61662”]
I think it’s called having your cake and eating it too.
[/quote]I think you’re exactly right. Trump (despite his outward obliviousness) probably fears that Mueller is closing in and hopes somehow that his base will save him. This is a gesture to placate his base and, because he’s sensing that the publicity will be extremely negative about this, also push the responsibility on to Congress. That he gets to takedown an Obama achievement AND hurt brown people are just additional pluses.


Also, the suspense and announcement of Trump’s DACA decision is a distraction from the Mueller investigation. Are there any limits to Trump’s meanness? Congress can stop the deportations, if they have the will.


Well. it’s Labor Day. What better time to talk about evicting tens of thousands of young people who have spent almost their entire lives in the U.S., going to school, getting and keeping and working hard at good jobs, being good Americans. Gotta throw some red meat to the base, many of whom know less about this country and what it means to be an American than the Dreamers do.


D after a politician’s name may mean dimwitted, but an R stands for Racist, Reprehensible, Rapscallion!

Before donnie, I had the luxury of not knowing hate. But I can now say, I truly hate this asshole. And more, with each day, if that is even possible.

Ending DACA will be yet another nail in his coffin …. but at such a great expense to these young people, and to our country.


Very well said. If Trump ends this program, he will erase any doubt about his moral leprosy.

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So… Trump kicks the can down the road by 6 months. In doing so he lays the problem right in the laps of the congressional leadership. With this he seeks to at best make his inept leadership amoral and relies on the well demonstrated talent of the congressional leadership to incite divisiveness and confusion to guarantee inaction on this issue. As a bonus,he also sets up congress to be (he hopes) the fall guy that takes the hit when the fit hits the shan. His little warped bully boy mind seems to think that his own stock will gain if can cause his opponents to be diminished. And he currently sees congressional leadership as a wayward servant that needs to be brought back in line.

I am pretty sure he sees this as a ‘chess move’ that attaches at worst neutral PR to his own move while at the same time passess on all the negatives to congress. He doesn’t quite understand that the ‘end game’ puts the ball back in the administration’s hands when the Dreamers actually start getting picked up. And… no matter what happens, it is the Republican Brand that suffers in both the near and long term. And for his own survival he needs the Republican Brand to be strong through the 2018 elections.


Exactly, this is Trump in a nutshell: appealing only to his base, and playing off white grievance.

Mexicans are murderers and rapists.

NAFTA is stealing our jobs and sending them to Mexico.

Muslim refugees must be barred from entering our country.

Obama’s birth certificate is forged and he was born in Africa.

Medical insurance prices are going up because Obama gave free healthcare to blacks and other minorities and whites are being forced to pay for it.

Climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China to make us less competitive.

Immigrants are stealing jobs from hard-working Americans and pushing wages down.

And white people bought it and ate it up with a spoon.

And now, under this vile administration, we are seeing job creation slow down, important protections for consumers, labor, the environment and the public being eroded, the deficit is going up because income is being deferred until next year in anticipation of a huge tax cut for the rich, police are being encouraged to act with impunity, a new War on Drugs is being fomented, and 27 international trade deals are currently under negotiation that do not include us because the great dealmaker in chief killed TPP, wants to renegotiate NAFTA, and withdraw from the US-South Korea trade agreement.

We are becoming increasingly isolated because Trump’s belief in unilateralism and the delusions of his base that we can still call the shots in an increasingly complex world.

America First = America Alone.


I’m a Dreamer, too!