Discussion: Trump Remains On Top In National Poll While Carson Drops To Third

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They are all bad, so it doesn’t matter.


The best Republicans have. A reality tv show host who can’t keep his facts straight.


I appreciate that photo stills are really not ‘reality’ real, and instead are in actuality, actually “actualized” (word of the week) art, but regardless: I know the picture this post opens with isn’t staged, but it is so freaking brilliant it FEELS staged.

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Though 26% of the party would never vote for Trump, that’ means 70+ would. If he wins in Iowa- or has a good showing- and wins New Hampshire then steamrolls into South Carolina, he’ll set himself up pretty well for Super Tuesday and if he gets Florida, it’s all but over. Trump is bad for America but the copious amounts of schadenfraude watching the cynical GOP establishment- who’ve wrought this on themselves- shit bricks will be almost worth it.


Nominee McCain failed. Nominee Romney failed. Nominee Trump will fail. Seems the Repubs have a learning disorder.


Oh, come on, 16% and 17% are equivalent with the margin of error. So, the outcome is not that Carson is 3rd but that Carson, Rubio, amid Cruz are tied 2nd.


Like my Grandmother used to say…“it an ill wind that blows no good”. Trump will never be President. If he’s the GOP nominee ( I don’t think he will be ) its a cake walk for the Democrat. He’s value is in keeping the more electable Rubio off the ticket or putting the un-electable Cruz on it.


Since the GOP base has abandoned common sense it’s going to be difficult for anyone to make a prediction in this mess. I hope Trump sticks around long enough to taint the meaning of Republican. I think he will do that.

Right now the GOP kingmakers ( despite Josh’s denial they are there…they’re called mega-donors ) are in wait and see mode. No reason to act right now. Trump may do their job for them. But if he gets close to Super Tuesday with a few wins in his pocket already…it’s going to get fun. I’d love to watch the Kochs fight a fight with money that money cannot win. I really love to watch Trump get pissed at the GOP and turn on them.


RepubliKKKlan party bosses…react:

Enjoy Trump GOPigs! YOU made that!


Oh God. It’s Cruz. It’s going to be Cruz after all. He’s going to suck up all the crazytown votes from Carson going into Iowa, where he appears to be the only person who understands what has to be done to win the super-rigged Republican Caucus game and has organzied at the county level. He’ll win there, out-perform in New Hampshire and grab South Carolina and then come into the winner-take-all states in March as the frontrunner.


They do, and it’s an odd one. They’re learning, but they’re drawing the wrong conclusions. When voters spurn the Republican nominee, the only conclusion Republicans can ever draw from that is “We aren’t conservative enough.”


Spot on! Carnival Cruz has always been working on a strategy he hopes will propel him to the top as eight Southern states vote on March 1.
While other candidates court voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, The Cubanadian has spent lots of time in the states that will vote in the “SEC Primary”…and his strategy may well pay off for him with a huge number of low/no info and Fundie evangelical loons just waiting for such a demagogue to appear and feed them the swill for which they long. And Cruz could well be their Dear Leader.

Of course, the prospects of a Cruz party nominee scares the establishment party bosses as much as a Trump nomination does. It would be so wonderful to see that cult of a party crash and burn…and either promises to be catastrophic. ~fingers crossed~


This is just reminder #521 that polls more than 11 months before an election
are essentially meaningless. Once the joke candidates (Trump & Carson)
are gone, it’s really hard to tell what will remain.
Marco Rubio is probably the eventual nominee: I think the people at the top
of the GOP will eventually realize that he’s the closest to an electable candidate
they have for 2016…(Cruz is unlikable, Christy has baggage, Bush is a “Bush,” etc.)
Also, they know that they’ll lose without getting more of the Hispanic vote…
and a name like “Marco Rubio” will probably help (though it will cost them some far right votes).


The polling order is not particularly interesting but the fact that it changes pretty much weekly is. Whichever of these clowns says the most pro-war, anti-immigrant, pro-gun, anti-PP bullsh!t thing gets a bump from the fickle no education GOP base. The republican process is running more like a tree house club election than anything actually resembling a process focused on improving America. It really is embarrassing to know other countries are watching this debacle.


Trump Remains On Top In National Poll

Unequivocally proving that

  • ignorance,

  • lies,

  • hate,

  • fear

  • and arrogance

rule the 2016 GOP race/party.


Well, I lost my “JEB? out before thanksgiving” bet, I don’t know why ? 5% ?


Jeb! said he was “having fun”.

So there you are. :confused:


Polling leads to Absurdist Theatre as a nation of excitable people and their political journalists looking for a horse race to call go into an apoplectic tizzy because of what a mere 1,453 people* in a nation of 320M say to a (landline only) telephone caller. Much ado about very very little. It’s not real; it’s a poll.

*and only 672 of these real Republicans.

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It’s the asteroid metaphor again (well…not really…I’m the only one mentioning it).

Cruz Presidency=40 mile-wide Asteroid striking earth

  • NASA scientists confidently state that the asteroid only has a 40% chance of striking earth
  • DNC confidently states that Hillary has a 60% probability of winning the General over Cruz

Somebody help me out…should we huddle in fear or WHAT??

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