Discussion: Trump Regains Top Spot Among GOP Primary Voters In Latest Poll

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If Carson had stayed in Jordan any longer, he would have faded into oblivion. I guess Trump’s clever suggestion to go forth and get foreign policy experience worked like a charm.

I wonder how much of his support is people liking him vs people considering him the least awful of the candidates.

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Is Karl Rove still running these polls? He was upside down wrong on Ohio…I’m hoping these polls are upside down about Trump or our nation is in a lot more trouble and is a lot more racist than even I imagined.

I wonder, does Chief Justice Roberts still believe this is post-racial America with racists like Trump and Scalia taking bigotry to new levels?

Do any of these Republican candidates (wind bags) pack a concealed weapon or allow their followers to carry guns in their campaign events?

I’m just curious if Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina, or the rest are following what they preach on everyone carrying guns to keep us “safe”.

Does Trump allow guns onto his golf courses, commercial properties, or casinos? Where’s the MSM media on checking out this stuff?

Can you imagine Carly Fiorina carrying a concealed weapon? Yikes…she can’t walk straight let alone shoot straight.

(a) The folks 30 and under have social media and gadgets
(b) The overworked and underpaid folks in their 40s have bills, and providing rent-free housing for (a)
© Granny and Gramps have “politics” (why do you think Cable “news” programming’s commercials are
straight from General Hospital?)

I have to laugh at your post, please don’t take it too unkindly.

But weren’t you the one who was posting over and over in 2014, about how the youth vote was going to save the day?

Now, apparently not so much. Lesson learned?

Notice this continuing consistent equation in all of the polling: Trump + Cruz + Carson = 60 to 65% of all the responses. This has been going on for months now, the Three Caballeros (they would probably hate that label) are just trading support back and forth. Thus far there has been no sign of a polling move away from the crazy-and-ignorant track.

I don’t take your post unkindly at all. Yours is a fair observation.

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