Discussion: Trump Recommits To Running As A Republican In The 2016 Race

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And he will stick by that. Until February 2nd when he loses Iowa to Ted Cruz. Then this statement was never uttered.


The man commits to this, commits to that, says “I do. I do. I do.” (Has he sung “do be do be do” yet? Can’t remember.)

This is no reason to not trust the man, implicitly.

“I really am, I’ll be honest,” Trump alleged. “I really am. No matter what.”

A dog barked somewhere. And so it goes.

He also said “I do” to several women. And then renigged. Just sayin’. So it is hard for me to believe anything he says


I suspect Trump will either be the Republican nominee or he will crater so bad that running as an independent, or even remaining a businessman who trades on his “brand”, will be nearly impossible. I just don’t see Trump’s political career ending anywhere in the middle, and probably not as the nominee, either. I see him just dropping out of public view. Most likely at some point, thinking he is actually presidential material, he will start to tack towards less bombastic and more reasonable, and his poll numbers will sink like a stone. Speaking for the Tea Party ID is really all he has going for him.


Exactly! This man, The Donald, can’t even keep his promise to the Lord, in all His Omnipotence (Yahweh, not Don) – what makes him think we will believe him now?

Donald Trump lies to his investors. Donald Trump steals from the taxpayer’s pot of money. Donald Trump lies to and cheats on his wives. Donald Trump lusts after his own daughter. Donald Trump makes himself orange … by choice. And these are the man’s not-so-bad qualities.

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" But , I was in the forest when I said that so nobody heard " . /s

Trump said it. I believe it. That settles it.

Why would the GOP want a loser on the top of their ticket? Especially one that falsely claims to be the best negotiator in the world and to never lose a fight he chooses to enter?

***Britain's Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled unanimously against tycoon and U.S. presidential contender Donald Trump in his pitched battle to stop an offshore wind farm near his upscale Scottish golf resort.***

Trump claims the 11-turbine project, approved by the Scottish government in 2013, will spoil the view from his golf course near Aberdeen in eastern Scotland. He has vowed to stop further development of the resort if the wind farm goes ahead.

Two Scottish courts had previously ruled against Trump, who had claimed the Scottish ministers had no power to authorize the wind farm.

The Trump Organization said the verdict is "extremely unfortunate" for all residents of the Aberdeen area and will "completely destroy the bucolic Aberdeen Bay and cast a terrible shadow upon the future of tourism for the area."


Trump may indeed know more about women than I do. I’ve only been married once (still am) and that was several decades ago.

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