Discussion: Trump Questions Whether He Should File A Lawsuit Against Cruz Over His Birthplace

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No one has “standing” until the guy’s elected president.

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Great opinion piece by David Alexrod in the NYT’


Ann Coulter is right! If Cruz can be president, then what was all the birtherism about for the last 8 years?


thanks, interesting read !


about colour ?


I have standing to sue. Can you imagine if I did it? Should I do it just for fun?”

Yes, please.


Trump knows he’s in trouble in Iowa. And he doesn’t want to have to slug it out like a normal slob candidate. He thinks he should get the nomination more or less by acclamation.


I.e. --never misunderestimate the depth of dumbosity/religiosity in GOTP voters.

Going to be interesting to watch when Drumpf inevitably loses a major primary. Don’t think he will be mentally capable of accepting a loss.


Trump: My investigative hasn’t yet finished work uncovering Obama’s birth in Kenya. They wont be available to investigate Cruz’s birth in Canada for a while. Ted should just quit as I am busy.


Maybe I should file a lawsuit to uncover Trump’s secrets that "only his hairdresser knows for sure."

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Isn’t there a saying “The bigger they are the harder they fall”

It’s pretty goddamned depressing when you find yourself hoping Trump prevails, just to save the nation from a possible Ted Cruz run at the Oval Office. And then you compound those pathetic hopes by wanting Marco “I bought a new penis on Christmas Eve” Rubio to rise from the ashes to take them both out.

“God here, buddy, would you like a brain tumor, Lou Gehrig’s disease or life in a permanent coma after a nasty run-in with a city bus?”


To have standing you have to show harm. The other GOP pols have standing.

Snooky Palin: Where is Cruz’s long form birth certificate?

"Should I do it just for fun?”


I can’t help yet again feeling this is the GOP/Teatroll serpent swallowing its own tail…

Standing is something a court would have to pass judgment on, and even a finding in opposition to standing can be appealed. The Constitution addresses what is seemingly a cursory level of qualifications for election to President, as evidenced by this and past controversies over the imprecise language employed in that document. However, it seems to me every citizen has the right to a President elected according to the (alleged) requirements in the Constitution. Trump bases his standing not so much on Cruz being ineligible, but on Cruz representing a candidacy that if successful would deny him the office. Why do I have to be an active candidate for the Presidency before my right to an eligible candidate assuming the office is sanctioned as Constitutionally correct? The eventual winner will have sway over some aspects of my life. I have standing too.

This x 1000!

And to think for years the GOP has wailed for tort reform.