Discussion: Trump Predicts 'Very Unfair Debate'

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They’ll probably ask questions and everything.


Donnie’s initiating his exit strategy…


“It’s not classy, the organizers are all losers and most important, it’s not yuuuuuge! But I’m happy to be here and they all love me.”


So many of the “tough guys” who want to bomb everyone are just whiny little titty babies. Oh, the debate will be unfair, wwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!


Because when he’s behind in the polls it has to be a result of “unfairness.” The only thing I’d like better than The Donald outside the Republican tent pissing on his fellows is him OUTSIDE the tent pissing on their heads.


Start working the Ref’s early I say.


It’s unfair to the country that we have to be subjected to yet another GOP clown show. We deserve a sane GOP, not what we have.


Low bar? Set.


Apparently the Republicans are competing for the position of Whiner in Chief.


I think you may be correct. He gave a rather odd interview over the weekend/yesterday when he said “I am in this to the end, I have plenty of money to spend” and then pivoted to “I may not win the nomination, but its been a good campaign”.

Very odd combination of phrases.

Of course, he could just be trying to be preemptive here by pounding down expectations. This is supposed to be focused entirely on economic issues…which could go well or could go very badly for Trump. The news about Daddy’s illegal loans to him upsetting his narrative of being a struggling business man with a mere $1 million dollar loan from his father painted a pretty big target on his back heading into this one.


You go always change the channel, go for a walk, play with your kids, clean the garage,…


He’s right… it will be unfair. The only sensible course of action is to withdraw from the GOP contest and run for President as an independent. Go, Donald, Go!


When the people I listen to on MSNBC are done talking, and that would be Hayes, Maddow and O’Donnell, I’ve been watching Leslie Knope and her Parks and Recreation posse via streaming. She’s smarter than any R pol you can name


Pre-debate whining…the ole “lower expectations” strategery.

If Derpy D could find a way to be a bigger crybaby pussy, well, I’m sure he’ll find it.

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Trump has already whined about the length of the debate (2 hours) and whined enough to get an opening statement from each clown…er… candidate. So at max the time is there for probably one question each.
Not like the 10 hour grilling HRC got which showed her quality.
Trump thinks poll numbers now means he’s gonna win I guess. But that is far from the truth. He’s whining about low numbers? If he’d take the time to actually look at polls he would see he’s not doing as terrible as he thinks among the other GOP rabble:

What I see is a whiner … a cry baby. A child in a man’s body.


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Donnie Dipshit predicts being a sore loser ahead of time.
Gee, who could’ve predicted that?
Its like he’s Nostradamus or some shit…


Trump continues to prove the old maxim: "In politics, stupidity is not a handicap."

Overall, he’s doing much better in the polls than I would have dreamed at this point, and that’s a sad commentary on the state of politics and political discussion in this nation in itself. This is Iowa: The state where Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum have come out the winners in the GOP caucuses in 08’ and 12’ ! Iowa does not have a sterling track record when it comes to influencing who will be the RepubliKKKlan Party’s presidential nominee. When the races are contested, the winner of the GOP Iowa caucuses usually does not win the second nominating contest, the New Hampshire primaries, and more often than not loses the overall nomination as well. The ‘Iowa 1st’ jump start and publicity bump have faded into near inconsequence, propped up primarily by the MSM and media pundits. Like the entire GOP field, it is little more than a joke told by the Baggers who run it for the GOPigs.

So take heart, Trump Chump. Shaddup’ bitching and soldier on, you glorious hairball and whining tittybaby’.