Discussion: Trump Org Exec Dumps On Cohen As Ex-Trump Fixer Heads To Prison

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“what little legal work he did was often poor quality and had to be redrafted"

If by “legal work” you mean being lawless, then yes.


All of that may be true, which then raises the question as to why Trump employed Cohen for so long. And, by the way, this sort of insulting commentary serves no real purpose except to pander to the boss.


Trump Org. executive vice president George Sorial said Cohen was “no fine deal maker,” and it was only his showmanship that caught Trump’s eye.

So Cohen was exactly what Trump was looking for


"George Sorial, who since 2017 has served as the Trump Organization’s top compliance official, is leaving the company after a dozen years.

Sorial said in an interview with CNN that his last day is expected to be June 7. He will be replaced by another attorney at the firm, Jill Martin, Sorial said.
He said he’s leaving to focus on a forthcoming book he co-wrote called The Real Deal: My Decade Fighting Battles and Winning Wars with Trump."

For some added context.


“For Mr. Cohen to claim he had major decision-making authority at the Trump Organization is ridiculous,”

Sort of telling on your boss, regarding who ordered the action for which Cohen is heading to jail. No?


“…Michael’s judgment wasn’t good enough to be given real control.”

So you say he was inconsequential, yet here you are taking the time and expending effort to publicly inveigh against him.


“Hit 'em when they’re down.” Trump’s (and Trump Org.'s) stock in trade.


I would say why kick a guy when he is down and entering Club Fed, but this op-ed is really funny if this Trump Org VP thinks he is complimenting Despot Don for hiring Cohen, and with lines like “Trump Moscow was a fantasy that no one in the office took seriously” (except Don, Ivanka, and the rest of the family).




“Trump Moscow was a fantasy that no one in the office took seriously.”

This assertion defies a mountain of evidence Trump was very serious about a property development deal in Moscow. Lying and breathing are the same bodily function for everyone in Trumpland.

By Mark Mazzetti, Maggie Haberman and Michael S. Schmidt
Jan. 20, 2019

WASHINGTON — President Trump was involved in discussions to build a skyscraper in Moscow throughout the entire 2016 presidential campaign, his personal lawyer said on Sunday, a longer and more significant role for Mr. Trump than he had previously acknowledged.

The comments by his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani indicated that Mr. Trump’s efforts to complete a business deal in Russia waned only after Americans cast ballots in the presidential election.


OK bub, now tell us your opinion of that legal eagle Guiliani and his international gallivanting and ‘deal making’.


Nothing about the poor judgement of 45* for hiring him. Nothing about what it says that the company would keep him on for years and years if he was so ineffectual, and what it says about them.


We will wait …patiently
The Dumper will soon be the Dumpee in the dumpster

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Joey The Animal often killed the people he had been sent to intimidate, when really we just wanted a broken bone or two. Or worse, he would leave them critically injured, but fail to make sure they were dead. It turns out that Don enjoyed Joey’s mocking stories about his hits, but Joey does not represent the level of professionalism otherwise expected at Trump Org.


Cohen wasn’t hired for his law degree – he was hired to be a sycophantic intimidator and “fixer” of whatever illegal slime needed doing. In those roles, he was a success. Shame he made such a poor choice of Don to suck up to… :wink:

ETA: boy, there must be a lot of full pants on the Trumpster henchmen – the rate at which they are turning on one another trying to divert from their own crimes is escalating. You can just about tell how deep they are all in the crapola by how loudly and vociferously they turn on the rat Cohen.

Bet a lot of 'em are gulping Tums at an alarming rate.


Tell us more, Mr. ‘Big Deal’ Sorial! Before you’re subpoenaed.

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This is the WSJ op-ed section. Makes the WSJ editorial page (useful reading for kremlinologists of the Establishment Right but no one else) look positively sane. It tells you that the loony right are still scared of Cohen, and that trump org’s internal politics were even more dysfunctional than they looked from the outside.

If the asswipe is writing a book, this column will also be used to help publicize it…


This is obviously a cry for help attention which, as mentioned above, will likely come in the form of a subpoena. It’ll be nice when Cohen starts dishing the dirt on him, too.


That’s right. Cohen was a nobody, Trump Moscow was his silly idea that no one took seriously, they never even told Trump about it and he’s only vaguely aware there’s even such a country as Russia. Nice try, gang.