Discussion: Trump Org Drops Plans For New Hotel Line Due To 'Presidential Harassment'

Presidential Harassment?

You ain’t seen nothing yet
B-b-baby you just ain’t seen
n-n-nothing yet

PS - When your suit jacket is too tight - don’t button it.


These were supposed to be of all things a patriotically themed hotel chain. As if anyone needs this. Are other chains lacking in patriotic fervor? Will there be Lee Greenwood tunes piped into the lobby? They might as well be called last refuge of scoundrels inns.


To be crass, what we have here is “10 pounds of shit in a 5-pound bag.”


Shit. There go my Trump-themed vacation in America plans. They’re about all I had left to look forward to. Other than bourbon.


I’m pretty sure the bourbon is up to the task.

They dropped plans because not enough bribes changed hands.
45* has tarnished that name for good with his vulgar, boorish behavior that used to be confined to NYC. Now the world knows - and the last thing they associate the brand with is style or class.

They dropped plans because EVERYONE knows that Trump is a broke assed punk who has not been able to secure a line of credit in THIS country for decades—and it’s too risky to launder more rubles right about now.
Couple that with the fact that his scion and scion-in-waiting are useless lunks who are worthless showboating morons.