Discussion: Trump Opens New Fronts In All-Out War On Congressional Accountability

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If we let him do this we’re DONE.


This is a great article and well written, but it misses the central point. Donald Trump’s (illegitimate) election itself was a constitutional crisis. A person like him was never supposed become POTUS. Everything else we are seeing (and will see…) are just symptoms.


Petulance in an adult is terribly unseemly.


I’m honestly shocked , SHOCKED … that anyone is shocked.

We expect Trump to be a loon - but the Republican’s propping him up?

These are the same people who have resorted at every turn - to breaking norms.

Stalling a President’s Supreme Court pick - not even giving him a hearing - for a year.

The writing has been on the wall.


This is why Dems will need a formal impeachment inquiry. If/When Mueller testifies, there will be a shift in the general public’s understanding of what happened that will freak Trump out. Rather than relent and let others testify to get his story out, he will double down and obstruct further. Now, post-Mueller testimony, witnesses like McGahn may simply defy the exec privilege claims and testify. That would be a great result, but if judges give him stays to consider the matter then Trump has temporary leverage. You need a formal inquiry to have the maximalist legal position to defeat all challenges in court. The glare of it will also be more effective at forcing cooperation from others.


Impeach the motherfucker.

The sooner the better


How much longer will Democrats dance around the “I” word?


Well you know, there’s an awful lot of “I’s” and “T’s” that need dotting and crossing. Don’t want to rush things. And of course - we have to line up all the ducks and keep our powder dry…

Have I missed a metaphor?



Blather, Mince, Retweet.


I’m going to email my Democratic Congressman today and tell him again that I support impeachment of Don the Con and Barr.

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And what, pray tell, are Congressional Democrats going to do about it? Write some more of Harry Reid’s patented Sternly Worded Letters? They can bray all day about precedent, hypocrisy and norms, but until they actually exert some kind of power it will fall on deaf ears from Trump, laughter from Congressional Republican’ts and indifference from voters…


I am guessing that the Mueller appearance before Congress will figure into this.

Guesses about what he will say range from doom-and-gloomers who say that Mueller will “Kneel and Pledge Undying Loyalty to Zod (er…Trump)” all the way to those who opine that Mueller [who (a) already criticized his boss (Barr) and (b) is already talking to HJC and Nadler] will say things fairly damaging to Trump.


If/When Mueller testifies, there will be a shift in the general public’s understanding of what happened

I think the public already understands. Leadership is about being out front and bringing the public along, not waiting to see what their thinking is. They get it and want someone to lead the charge IMO.


This morning I saw a reference to a new poll that more people want to go forward with impeachment (I think the figure was 49 percent) than oppose it. I suspect that Trump’s all-out resistance to congressional oversight is a major factor in the upsurge of people supporting impeachment.


I was ambivalent on impeachment–not because Unser Drumpenfuhrer did not richly deserve it on a ridiculous number of grounds, but because conviction was an impossibility in the Senate. Now, I believe that the Democrats have no choice but to impeach, since failure to do so in the face of a complete blanket refusal to cooperate with Congressional oversight makes them look like dithering impotent fools. Unfortunately, when faced with a choice between bold, decisive action and dithering like impotent fools, when have Democrats, since at least the LBJ era, ever not made the latter choice?


This weekend Nancy was spouting off some crazy conspiracy theories about how Trump will try to stay in office if he is not overwhelmingly defeated in 2020.

She clearly has no intention to try to impeach Trump. She is slow-walking everything, and making every excuse she can possibly think of:

“not worth it”
“too divisive”
“not bipartisan”
“too good for him”
“easy way out”


That is good news…As Trump loses more suburbanites…


we have to line up all the ducks and keep our powder dry…

I think we’re there, right now.

Have I missed a metaphor?

Trump is Satan.


I would agree with that. The polling has shown great maturity among the general public regarding Trump’s base criminality and dishonesty. They didn’t buy the Barr memo.