Discussion: Trump: Only Sanders And I Know U.S. 'Being Ripped Off' In Trade Deals

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Hey, Trump, there is a big difference between Bernie’s nuanced and knowledgeable criticism and your loudmouth sloganeering.


Would Donald assign the same brilliant minds to trade issues he had negotiating with the Scottish authorities over this golf resort deal?

LONDON—Donald Trump on Wednesday lost a protracted legal battle over a wind farm within sight of his Scottish golf resort as Britain’s highest court dismissed his appeal to halt construction.

The ruling comes amid growing disdain between the billionaire Republican presidential candidate and Scotland, where Mr. Trump in 2006 parlayed his ancestry into a $1.19 billion luxury hotel and links course near Aberdeen.

Trump was initially welcomed by Scotland’s pro-independence politicians, who saw the golf course as a source of jobs and tourist dollars along an unfashionable stretch of blustery coastline. However, relations between the real-estate mogul and Scotland’s nationalist government deteriorated sharply after it gave a local company permission to erect 11 giant wind turbines a few miles off the Aberdeen coast.

In a unanimous decision, five Supreme Court judges on Wednesday rejected arguments by Mr. Trump’s lawyers that the Scottish government had erred by allowing Aberdeen Wind Farm Ltd. to erect their proposed wind farm so close to his Menie Estate.


Neither should be president.


And in comes Donald with the giant bear hug.


I’d say that this is a fine line that Sanders needs to walk re: having Rump agree with anything he says.


Not as different as you might think. They’re both loud and prone to lashing out at others instead of recognizing their own hypocrisies. They both believe that they’re the new “savior” of our country, without any real admission that the hard work of accomplishing true change is usually a long slog. And each believes that they’re the gatekeeper to determining which people are most pure in their political positions.

And their supporters are equally as credulous of the many imaginings of their preferred candidate.


Trump supporters think he gives a shit about them.

They really are that stupid.


Peas in a pod when it comes to demagoguing trade.


He’s already courting “Reagan Democrats”. Against Bernie,he would be successful in that endeavor.


This is a very scary development.


The problem with arguing about trade “deals” across political lines is the fact that the real arguments are the opposite of what each side’s ideology stand for.

As a free enterprise capitalist, the government has no business at all in regulating the marketplace, the most efficient markets are self regulating, so no rules where there formally were none can ever produce the most efficient, fastest growing marketplace. Conversely the liberal position is to put protections in place across national borders for consumers and workers and the environment, so the true costs can be reflected in the products and services traded, is (under principles of the people, for the people by the people a solid liberal argument FOR strong trading agreements.

The collective confusion starts when the terms of the agreements struck tend to be for keeping government regulation minimized and toothless in terms of worker, consumer and environmental protections but take an activist, statist role in protecting private profit and limiting private risk for private industry expansion beyond national borders.


It’s right up there with the old saw about any club that would have me as a member, you know the rest .

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This shows you who they want to run against


The GOP may or may not be able to stop Trump from getting the Nomination. But they still have to play the game…hence Political Hack Steve Schmidt lauding Trump last night in a nauseatingly fulsome, blustering and inaccurate manner.

The GOP–looking situationally-- would rather Trump run against Bernie. Hence his remark about Sanders here.


Today’s Reagan Democrats have 401Ks,IRAs,Mutual Funds,Annuities etc. that are heavily invested in entities that are in Bernie’s gunsite. Today’s Reagan Democrats were Clinton Democrats in the 90’s too. They will vote their pocketbooks. The ads write themselves.



Expect rest of the GOP to being doing likewise in the weeks to come. While the Sanders people stay completely oblivious to the obvious.


Yeah - great minds think alike alright.

Both of them are offering to tear Obama’s legacy to pieces and there is no difference in the promises that are being made by both campaigns about the changes they will bring to DC - as if everyone running since the dawn of time hasn’t run on a platform of I’ll change DC. Yeah - if it could be done, it would have been already but I’ll let the next president tell y’all about that once he or she is elected.


Donnie, there’s a lot more to being POTUS than trade deals with China.

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It’s almost like you’ve known me my whole life.