Discussion: Trump On Black Lives Matter Protester: Maybe He Should've Been Roughed Up

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Spoken like a true hoodlum, a hoodlum who loves his own buffoonery

Seems like every day we see TRump do his best to out do the crazy that is Dr. Ben. And his acolytes eat it up.


Trump’s views mirror those of his state coordinators.

Miss Charlotte Hollins of Louisiana

And Miss Jane Hudson of Los Angeles


tRump says that the protester was disgusting for screaming? If tRump had 10,000 screaming fans, how in the hell could one man make more noise? tRump always has a way of trying to paint people that aren’t adoring of him as unhinged. After his string of comments maybe he’s the one who is unhiged.


Now that’s some outreach. Beat the shit out of them…insult them and their cause…and you can bet they are going to vote for you. Trump was in Alabama and did the red neck thing. But he isn’t going to do well in Alabama no matter what he does. If he only had 10,000 in Birmingham he’s toast. And toast he is in a state with folks that hate Yankees almost as much as they do Blacks.

Someone should tell Donald that what happens in Alabama does not stay in Alabama.


Romney won 6% of the African-American vote. Trump and the Republicans seem to be doing everything they can to reach zero percent.


“Maybe he should have been roughed up,” said Trump.

When Trump’s campaign spokesperson said, “The campaign does not condone this behavior,” most people assumed she meant the violence, but apparently, she meant the protest.

And I see that there are a number of good little brownshirts who are perfectly fine with protesters being beaten.


Trump, his staff, and his supporters are looking more and more like the brown-shirts of Germany in the late 20s and 30s. Could it happen here? Trump seems to be doing all he can to make it so.


t-Rump’s a despicable asshole.

Can you imagine having to wash that permanent stained orange spray tan from around the collar of that freak’s shirts on a regular basis? Its got to be a frickin’ launderer’s nightmare.


“Trump On Black Lives Matter Protester: Maybe He Should’ve Been Roughed Up.”

Trumpewhistle for: “Uppity boy doesn’t know his place.”


Has the protester been interviewed? Has anyone seen anything about him? I wonder because it seems like Trumps “scape goats” disappear after every altercation.


“Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing,” Trump told Fox, taking about the BLM protester.

I love it when a guy who wants to uproot millions, gut religious freedom
and bomb anything calls others "disgusting.


Maybe he thinks he can motivate the never-voting racist white voters to vote with his rhetoric.


Maybe The big D (ick) needs to be held down and have his teeth kicked in — Wonder what he’d say about that ? ? —

  "Fose muma uks  eed ooo  beee  augh   ested " ! !

Trump just isn’t funny anymore. His descent into full-fledged fascism is accelerating and anyone that does not totally reject and get themselves as far from this wanna-be Hitler can’t really call themselves an American.


100% agree. At first I thought he was trolling us and who knows, maybe he was. But he’s got his back up now and he is fighting dirty and now I am getting afraid, not for myself, I look like what he and his supporters thinks a “real” American looks like, but for others.


So… here’s the scenario these things together evoked in my head:

Trump does wind up going on an independent run, more or less campaigning as a modern American Nazi, tears the Republican Party apart as the base splinters between him and Jubio! The Democrats win, and Trump turns around and say on camera, “You people. All of you people. You’re idiots. You’re monsters. Do you know what incredible monstrous sheeple you are? You’re waiting for someone, anyone, some con man to promise you all the things you know you can’t ever admit to wanting, and when you get that, you latch on like a bunch of addicts in a crackhouse. And now you’ve been exposed, because the bigger the monster who stands up to lead you, the more you cling to it. So I gave you the biggest, most incredible, most gold-plated monster you could ever ask for, and you, you idiots, you stupid, stupid idiots, you begged for more. You loved it. You bought the scam, hook, line, and sinker. And trust me, after dealing with the gaming commission in Atlantic City and the three-card monty players in Manhattan, there is nobody, nobody who can spot a scam like me. What the hell is wrong with all of you? If I could, I would fire every last one of you as Americans.”

Oh, it would be glorious. I really, really wish I could believe Trump is that good a troll… make me believe, Donald! Do it! Tear them apart so can reveal you’re really Andy Kaufmann.


Trump says " Maybe he should have been roughed up."

Calling Godwin!
Calling GODWIN!!
Fascist on line 1!!

I think there’s no more doubt where Trumps values are. And I think it’s time to bring out trump’s shady mob connections in the construction industry.


Truck Fump utters more racist bilge. Why is this news?

I’m assuming you mean this ironically, but just for the record I’ve been a newspaper and magazine writer and editor for 30 years and I don’t think I’d get much argument from anyone else in the business if I say that when a god-damn major-party frontrunner in a campaign for President speaks approvingly of his followers’ assaulting a protester exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech, that’s news.