Discussion: Trump Nominates Two Defenders Of Ohio Voting Restrictions To Appeals Court

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With 45 and his minions willing to do anything, literally anything, to hold on to power and keep others from being able to oust them, I ask again: how will we keep our democracy if only one side respects democratic traditions and norms and refrains from lying, cheating and stealing?


I think the bigger issue here is turd-polisher Grassely’s denial of the long-standing blue slip policy, unwritten as law, but a hallmark, nonetheless.

This betrays IMO that the republiscums know the game is up and they will dishonor any and all former traditions as they realize their ship is sinking due primarily to Trump’s ever-disastrous leanings. They are grasping at straws (and some real changes) since they know it’s only a matter of time that voters kick these massively retarded a-holes are out of office.


They are setting booby traps and “moles” in the judicial system. Scorched earth retreat.



But she gave paid speeches to Goldman Sachs.


I know that it would be another affront to democracy, but if there is a sufficient democratic majority at some point in the future I would support impeachment and removal of federal judges appointed by this lawless administration.


There’s a precedent for that when democracy and rule-of-law norms are reestablished.


Not voting or voting 3rd party in 2016 is working out really well.


Yeah he’s disrespecting voters in states that have split representation.

Oh for the days when federal court nominations were just routine…

This is the greatest harm that L’Orange has inflicted on this country, with the aid and abetment of Mitch McConnell and his yes-men in the Senate. The federal judiciary will be stained by this man for a long, long time. Good thing we didn’t elect “Crooked Hillary,” huh?


Jones Day is hard wired to the GOP.

Once Trump and his fellow traitors in the administration and congress are dropped-off in Gitmo (until we find time to put them on trial for treason) the remaining elected officials can simply impeach all the appointments of the Russian dupe.

This is where the lasting damage to the nation will be inflicted. Reeps have already indicated their intentions to speed up confirmation of judicial nominees. Combined with the failure to honor the holds by Senators, the harm that these new ‘judges’ will inflict on the people will continue long after Trump is gone.
Looking at the reprehensible changes to policies and regulations already underway, the focus on filling the courts helps to explain why Republicans have no interest in jumping ship: the combined actions of this administration to undo every action taken by Obama and before plus an ideologically dogmatic cache of new judges will preserve the degradation of civil rights, consumer protections, and fiscal regulation. The harm to our foreign policy is collateral damage: the important thing is that the elites and their interests are served.


We need more information.

WHO is funneling these fascist goons to TRUssia?

They’re the people we need to stop. TRUssia is just a nasty, ugly, greedy, stupid puppet for these people.

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Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has said he will no longer honor the committee’s custom on blue slips…unless he believes that the White House did not confer with the home state senators in choosing the appointees.

I mean…what? I think the blue slip rule is dumb and should have been abandoned by Harry Reid, but what is this even supposed to mean? Can’t he ask the Senators?

The Federalist Society.


The Trump Supreme Court will declare Social Security, Medicare, and virtually every government regulation of business to be unconstitutional before 2025.

Thank God we didn’t elect that corrupt warmongering corporate shill Hillary, right?

Why would he do that?