Discussion: Trump Mocks 'Weirdo' Tom Steyer For Not Having The 'Guts' To Run For Prez

Steyer should buy The New York Military Academy and start digging…


For a real estate tycoon, Trump sure lets a lot of people live in his head rent-free.


Careful there, abomination, Steyer might consider going to vlad and the russian mafia for financing. Or even sucking up to Saudi Arabia. They might decide to switch poodles given your current troubles.

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Trump calling somebody else “weirdo” is too funny esp. when we have to look at that orange face and yellow mop on his head!


Donald on the other hand, had and has plenty of gut!


Instead of spending money to impeach Trump, Steyer should buy Fox “News” and turn it into a real journalism enterprise. He’d do far more good for America.


Good luck with that strategy.

You shouldn’t get into a public fight with people who buy ink by the barrel OR airtime by the hours.

I guess that means Tom Barrack is a “weirdo” too.

Rather that simply repeat “Impeach” all the time. Craft ads that lay out easy to understand crimes and abuses, and let people come to their own conclusions. Footage of Trump at Helsinki looking totally owned by Putin would start to wear down all but the most addled Trumper.


Be interesting to see what happens if someone made a serious run at Fox. Even if it failed, the kicking the ants nest effect might produce interesting events.

“Weirdo Tom Steyer doesn’t have the “guts” or money to run for President.”

Meaning he is a real billionaire!


I don’t think Steyer has $100 Billion just laying around to purchase 21st Century Fox.

Murdoch already sold off Fox Entertainment to Disney, now he just owns 21st Century Fox which contains Fox News.

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Clever, Two Scoops! Steyer will now run and split the vote and never see how subtly you manipulated him. God, it’s like a Road Runner cartoon all day every day with this guy.


Actually, the GOP prefers trump insult people on a whim instead of getting his grubby little hands on policy.

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So nice to see POTUS insulting yet another American citizen with middle school taunts and vocabulary. I guess the billionaire class is only allowed to weigh in at Mar-a-Lago…

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Yes, nothing smarter than going after a REAL billionaire, Fat Ass.

Bezos and Bloomberg can also join in.

The Pox Snooze swine Steyer fires would soon find other styes to wallow and grunt in. Sinclair comes to mind.

I guess so, he’s not a lard ass like Trump.