Discussion: Trump Mocks Traveling Press Corps After Leaving Them Behind

Hours of free press coverage? Try thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of hours.

This mentally disturbed mutant chinchilla has been playing the press for fools for years now, and they keep asking for more…harder…faster.


And, per usual, the MSM did not realize they had been left behind.


But they will still write “troubled” stories about HRC, while glossing over takedowns of Trump as “both sides claimed victory”.


I trust everyone is steeling themselves for the prospect of this nation being led by a 9 year old boy with the most lethal military on the planet at his disposal.


Mr. Pulitzer called, he want’s all his prizes back from the so-called investigative press.


The press corps later released a statement reading, in its entirety: “Thank you, sir. May we have another?”


Like a cowed dog…
Oh if we say bad stuff about Donald we’ll lose access
I really can’t take it any more

like Stevedee says below
I trust everyone is steeling themselves for the prospect of this nation being led by a 9 year old boy with the most lethal military on the planet at his disposal.


The reporters were the lucky ones.

Can you imagine having to follow Trumpf around day after day? The editors who assigned people to that beat are guilty of a crime against humanity.


I guess Hillary will have to fall out again to receive anything close to the coverage Trump receives here. I’ve reached my limit for obsessive Trump coverage for the week.I’ll see you good folks on Monday.


Sopan Deb was spitting nails last night about being stuck on the bus by the Trump campaign, while this event was going on.

The fact that Trump took the oppotunity to rag on the press is going to make him (and others) even angrier.

Hopefully this will serve as a bit of a wake up call and they will stop groveling at his feet with every story and do some actual reporting. FSM knows there is plenty of material out there to write stories on.

This is a list of just things he lied about yesterday…in just one day! And that’s before his bullshit about birtherism started to fly last night.


But, you know, Hillary didn’t have a press conference in the specific format and with the specific media outlets that the press corps wanted, so she’s not transparent and wants to keep everything a secret.

I am getting so sick of this bullshit.


Well, on the optimistic side, perhaps he pulls this kind of shenanigan one time too many and they all get pissed off with him. After all, negative insider “what it was really like running with the Trump campaign” stories will also bring lots of clicks.

Or did they all have to sign their lives away to get on his campaign plane???


So the traveling petting zoo got ‘Trumped’? Serves them right for failing to report like actual journalists. Maybe if they sucked up more they’d get a few orts and leavings.

There is NO independant press left in Amerika- only trolls, chumps and auditioners for a spot on Entertainment Tonite or the Today Show willing to trade truthful, honest reporting for ‘access’.


“The incident marked the latest snub to the media by a nominee who has
denounced the press as “dishonest” while earning hours of free coverage.”

Created the monster.Now they are surprised .


You’re just going to love 4 years of it.


They keep at her cause she’s an easier target for them

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538 this morning has this election a 60-40 event, favoring Clinton, but her slide is unabated, gaining steam, and showing no signs of reversal. Every former swing state or “too close to call” is tipping to Trump. By election day it’ll be a genuine flip of the coin, 50-50. Kiss SCOTUS goodbye. The GOP, despite having a minority of the citizens in their camp, will imprint their lunacy on the body politic and the nations id for another generation. Most or many of us will be dead and the country will still be shaking off the hangover from the next 4 years.


I wonder about our press corps. In this era, the incessant physical presence with someone isn’t always the best way to obtain the facts, which should be at the core of the news. (admittedly, the press presence at Pastor Timmons’ church did enable those who cared, to disclose Trump’s lying about the exchange, the atmosphere and Pastor Timmons’ demeanor.) this candidate has used the press to provide him with free media dominance, just by his outrageous behavior, which gets re-broadcast again and again, without an ounce of fact-checking or context by the so-called press.


Yep. He’s been pulling the political press around by their teeny, tiny dicks (I’m looking at you New York Times) and they act like they’re getting a hand job. The journalistic negligence during this election cycle is not just frustrating; they are contributing to what could be an existential threat to our nation.