Discussion: Trump: Manafort Verdict Has 'Nothing To Do With Russian Collusion'

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There’s not anything else he really can say about Manafort’s verdict, no surprise that he threw in the “no collusion!” and “witch hunt!” tags as well.

He totally ignored the Cohen plea…I suspect we’ll hear something tonight during his rally, because that basically just implicated him in a conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws, which is definitely an impeachable offense (if we had a Congress that would do its job of course). You know someone has said he should make no comments on Cohen, and that he’ll be building up to a huge explosion, if not tonight then in the next couple of days.

I’m waiting to see the spin that the conservative world tries to put on the Cohen plea and campaign finance violations of Trump…it’s going to make “truth isn’t truth!” look quaint. Heck, all that spin might change the length of the Earth’s day! :wink:


Trump is such a pathetic loser.


He’s saving the real eruption for the rabble in West Virginia.


Of course it doesn’t. So why was a man that deep into debt willing to run your campaign for free? Surely you asked that question. Surely you would have asked, or at least wondered why Manafort wanted you to add specific language regarding the Russians into the GOP Platform?


So Trump’s campaign manager and personal lawyer both either plead guilty or were found guilty today. With Cohen directly implicating Trump on the payoffs. Inching ever closer and he’s feeling the heat. I despise his rallies, but to be a fly on the wall tonight…

Melania may want to consider leaving for Africa tonight.


In a sense, trump is right. But of course in another sense he’s completely full of sh*t. This verdict (in the first of two cases) was simply about establishing that manafort was wholly owned by Putin-linked oligarchs (yeah, I know that’s redundant). The cases about what he did as a result when he went to work for a presidential campaign FOR FREE are still on the way.

It’s like the revolver in the first act.


When your own lawyer stands up in a courtroom and accuses you of having participated in a criminal conspiracy, well, what can you say about that? I mean, if you’re incredibly slow-witted and know you’re guilty. But we’ll hear soon enough about how they couldn’t prove collusion no collusion no collusion so they went after Michael Cohen, nice guy, didn’t know him very well, they went after his business which I know nothing about and they pressured him to make up lies because of the 47 angry Democrats and a very conflicted Mueller (the Councel) because the Democrats should have won the election easily the way the electoral college favors them and so on ad nauseam…


Ellis was about as sympathic a judge as Manafort could have gotten. The DC judge is a by the book hard nosed lady. Downhill for Pauley from here on out. And he’ll go into next month’s trial as a convicted felon.


“We continue the witch hunt!” he said before turning away from news cameras, having made no mention of Michael Cohen’s guilty plea in New York.

“So, aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”


“had nothing to do with Russian collusion.”

He wanted to use this devastating knock-down response now, while he could, because he won’t be able to say this about the next trial. Of his recently convicted-felon Campaign manager. For treasony stuff he did while becoming a convicted felonist.


So, how many tweets will Trump be sending in the next few days while sitting on a toilet?


Oh, I forgot. Mitch, Paul Ryan, ball’s in your court – again.


Don, I’mma quote your cult members: “Fuck your feelings”.


Does he understand that Putin’s code name for him is Donald Dumanov?


No collusion? But what about bimbo eruption suppression?

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First you’d have to establish that Trump knows what a platform is, and secondly how it is made.



Depends on how many Big Macs it takes to quell his rage.


had nothing to do with Russian collusion

It sure didn’t, but you claim YOU had nothing to do with collusion as well. except you threw your kid, son-in-law and others under the bus by claiming they were meeting to get oppo research from a foreign government. You say that’s not a crime, but you are threatening to pull someone’s security clearance because his wife’s company was hired to do oppo research on YOU. that sounds like retaliation, but hey, I guess it’s okay because you are POTUS…

We continue the witch hunt!

And the hunt keeps turning up guilty ass witches! If you want this to end, answer Mueller’s questions and stop being a baby. You keep saying it’s a perjury trap, but what would you have to lie about? You’re innocent…right?
Damn man, your campaign manager and personal fixer are both found and pleading guilty the same day! That saying about where there’s smoke is so true around you…