Discussion: Trump Makes Biden's Announcement All About Trump

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Josh, please stop pleading for me to sign up for Prime. I just got my water bill raised, for Christ sake.


Dear Donald. You will never be president. Kaithxbai


Dear Me-Me, it’s looking like you’ll get your wish. Have fun with that.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump couldn't let Vice President Joe Biden steal all the spotlight on Wednesday when the veep announced he will not run for president. 

And neither could TPM.


Trump Makes Biden’s Announcement All About Trump

In other news, water is wet.


Is it possible to hear much, much less about Trump! He is totally out of control and so not worth hearing from

Is is possible for commenters to stop posting such drivel? He leads the party and he creates news. If you don’t want to know the news, why are you following this site?


Thank you! You don’t have to like or even agree with Trump, but he is the story because he’s the front runner. And also a cringeworthy and somewhat entertaining buffoon.


Can’t wait for Trump’s balloon to pop. He will get decompression sickness if he ever wins the nomination and has to compete for the vote of more than the rump end of the republican party.

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“I would rather run against Hillary because her record is so bad.” Examples? (crickets)

Must say, The Donald does know how to use opportunity. But he really doesn’t have to 'cause at the end of every news cycle we know it’s all about The Donald anyway. Just ask TPM.

All together now -we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.

Personally, I would rather run against Hillary because her record is so bad.

I’m gonna make a scientific wild-assed guess she feels the same way, sport.


Trump makes Biden’s announcement about Trump, and TPM slavishly bends at the waist to take it all.

I guess that is the question… What accounts for news. It seems that those who think he creates news in fact bring him to the level of news when perhaps 70 percent of the republicans and larger percent of the rest of us only see it as gossip and self glorification

I think we can safely say, once and for all, a self-glorifying Donald Trump tweet IS NOT NEWS.


Quite so. But to be fair to the media, there was that time recently when Trump said a thing that was factually correct about who was President on a particular day in 2001 and the media were on it, you know? Much bigger news than this, the fact that he said a thing and you could stop and marvel a little to yourself that you could more or less agree with what he said, it wasn’t fatuous nonsense. So you have to think the man-bites-dog guideline is still pretty much in place in these otherwise confusing and troubled times.


Stop taking so many long showers.

Drump’s tweet was to maintain his cover as a Clinton mole in the Republican Presidential race. He will lose the general election on purpose. Heck, his ultimate kiss of death to the contemporary GOPers may be to win their nomination, and then after Labor Day resign as GOP candidate to run an independent campaign!

Bill Clinton, The Drump, and Roger Stone connived this nonpareil dirty trick that will live in trolling infamy. It’s an election victory that even DWS can’t screw up!

You know, seriously, he may have surprised everyone by actually running this time. But there’s still no telling what he might do from one day to the next. Is there any evidence, any at all, that he’s ever given this whole process a moment’s serious thought? I truly think he could walk away and go back to playing golf and never think about it again. He’s a spoiled child, and he could very well toss the campaign aside like a toy he’s grown bored with. We’ve never seen anyone like him—Aaron Burr was a sober, judicious, avuncular statesman in comparison.

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