Discussion: Trump Loaned $10M To His Campaign For Prez Near End Of 2015

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Yet I have heard he has not spent any of his money on the campaign but has used donor money. So much for self financing his cpaign

The single largest vendor to the Trump campaign funding was himself. He spent $826,590 in payments his TAG Air, Inc, which owns a fleet of aircraft including his campaign jet. Additional outlays to Trump businesses include $70,915 to Trump Tower Commercial LLC and $3,000 to Trump Restaurants LLC.

Reminds me of Christine “not-a witch” O’Donnell. Even grifting has it’s stars. I wonder if there is a yearly awards banquet?

He found out the only better return on your money than running a casino is loaning money to a campaign. Wonder what the interest rate is?

Hmm. I wonder if a loan to his campaign could be written off as a deductible business loss if the campaign doesn’t pay it back, while a straight donation would have no tax benefits.

what’s this “loan” shit? is he going to pay back himself?