Discussion: Trump Lawyer Disputes Radio Host, Says Interview Took Place A Year Ago

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He should have known better.


The current version of the Buzzfeed article has the transcript of the interview. The interviewer refers to “back when you were first considering running for president” and mentions “you were just in town this past weekend”, which Trump was. Want to bet on which side is lying here?


In Trump World, reality and actuality are anything Trump wants it to be.


The word “lawyer” is a prim euphemism when it comes to the people Trump likes to hire. “Bullying shyster mouthpiece” is much more accurate. And if they say you’re lying I think at this point we can take that as an ipso facto admission you’re telling the truth.


A t-Rump-Harumph Haiku.

The nest of hair blows,
As the windbag cons and trolls.
Emptiness exposed.

(Please TPM…NO MORE TRUMP. I’ve reached my fucking limit today…actually hours ago.)


There’s still the possibility of a “Trump comments on Lamar Odom” thread.


I’ll pass.

Liar contest! Get the popcorn!

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That’s why Trump’s “lawyer” told Buzzfeed’s reporter that McCoy “admitted” to the “lawyer” that the interview took place last year. The “lawyer” just isn’t all that orthodox in how he pronounces what he does for Trump.

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Is there anyway to prove which is telling the truth? And ultimately does it matter ?

Boy, we’ve just heard and awful lot from and about Trump’s lawyers since he decided to run for president, haven’t we? And everything I hear from or about them indicates that there isn’t much they won’t say or do, law or objective fact notwithstanding. Like Christie’s lawyers, come to think of it. Except no one cares about them anymore.

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Who knows when anything took place when time is measured in Trump years.

We need to have a “Trump Free”. week. All bs all the time is not good for the quality journalism aimed for by TPM.