Discussion: Trump Lauds Flynn's New Lawyer: She's Not Just Good, She's 'GREAT'

Trump Lauds Flynn’s New Lawyer: She’s Not Just Good, She’s ‘GREAT’
So Sidney Powell is really Tony the Tiger? Or she’s the frosted flakes?

He only knows who she is because she’s on the TV machine.


I’ll bet she’s no Bruce Cutler.

I don’t know why but I sort of expect her to show up in court without first being admitted to the DC bar. That’d sure make her popular with the judge she’ll be facing, he of such good humor and who so gladly suffers fools.


Somebody’s been watching Clear and Present Danger again…


Sidney Powell: Sugar Frosted Flake.


Breaking News: The Fox News Cancer Spreads, Diagnosis For The Nation Remains Dire

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Honest to god, on top of everything else, Trump is just the lamest lame who ever lamed. It’s just crushing, it’s black-hole-physics-defying, the breadth and depth of his lameness.


He knows his Base.

And that has, to me, been one of the most disheartening things about The Era of Trump.

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He may see this as his opportunity to own the judiciary as well as the legislative branch. He’ll pardon Flynn and blame the judiciary for not doing the right thing.

Make Lawyers Great Again!
Maybe Tump could hire her in 2020.

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For a man who thinks he prides himself on his indomitable strength, it’s pitiful how you can lead him around like a little lamb. She shouted LOUD and BIG about how UNFAIR it all is! So she is great, and good, and very yuge. And the whole world is in on the joke except for him.

Does he realize it, deep down? I do still wonder from time to time. No other human has ever been so obtuse, but maybe there is this one. We’ll know very soon, perhaps in two weeks.


I guess Orly Taitz wasn’t available.


So now if she fails at her job tRump will entirely blame the judge. Got it. Up until Flynn’s change of representation the blame could have equally been spread between Flynn’s lawyers and the judge by tRump. That seems to be the only difference here.


According to the literature he lives with a constant, gnawing sense of vulnerability and insecurity. But I don’t think there’s any real self-awareness at any level. That’s just us wanting to think about him in terms we can understand. But he’s not normal, not in any way, and it takes an effort of imagination on our own parts to begin to see how not-normal he really is. That’s one reason he’s president—people didn’t see, for lack of the willingness to try, what he really is.

She’s already asked for a 90 day continuance to “get up to speed”. Maybe she still has to pass that exam too?

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Has anyone asked Donnie two scoops if he is providing a pardon to Flynn if he retracts his guilty plea?

Crazy question, I know, but Ol two scoops admits to the darndest things and I just wondered if we could throw in one more obstruction of justice charge into the mix of the others.

Not that it would matter to the Barr (& previously Rosenstein) DOJ or the GOP.

Brazen criminality. This tweet is simply Trump’s public acknowledgement, a wink and a nod,.that the Flynn pardon is assured.
Donny Two Scoops commits his crimes in open, for all the world to see.
Just like last night’s public announcement that the Trump crime family will accept any and all foreign help (oppo dirt/online agitation) in the upcoming election, Which is just like his earlier plea of: “Russia, if you’re listening…”.

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FWIW, her website does not identify D.D.C. among any of her bar admissions. So she’s going to need to find herself local counsel to serve as co-counsel and sponsor her for pro hac vice status, per D.C. Local Rule 83.2© & (d).

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“General Michael Flynn, the 33 year war hero . . .”?

Have we been at war for 33 years, even non-consecutively, during Flynn’s career?