Discussion: Trump Lashes Out In Tweets, Claims Ignorance Of Trump Tower 'Dirt' Meeting


“Fortunately, the facts are all coming out, and fast!” (7:45 am)

Yes, indeed–almost contemporaneously with that tweet, in fact:


So odd how he is in fact watching fake news! How can this be?


Today’s forecast : Colluded skies with a 50-100% chance of conspiracy in the late afternoon. High today of 98 but feels like the freak’n surface of the sun.


Happy to hear he has claimed ignorance. :laughing:


"I am providing a great service by explaining this to the American People. "

If you really want to provide a great service to the American people Mr. President …

We would be eternally grateful.


Welcome to the USSR: United States of Soviet Russia

So, Trump is obviously lying and will never submit to a lie detector or to appear before the Grand Jury under oath.

Does Trump have any idea how much he looks stupid and like a desperate lying criminal?

I will not be at all surprised when the rest of the facts come out that Trump was either in that meeting or on the conference call squawk box running the meeting. Obviously Manafort, Sessions, Trump Jr., Pence, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Case, and the other geniuses were all ordered by Trump to attend this meeting and to get rolling with the Russian hackers and FSB agents.

Trump…where are the Trump Tower tapes, where is the email server, where are the conference room camera tapes? If you are innocent, why are you refusing to turn the tapes over to the FBI and Mueller?


What a tweet storm. I wonder who wrote it. It lacks misspellings, grammatical errors, capital letters in all the wrong places (except for TRUE) — constant self referencing. Geeze – not donald I’d guess. His sentiments but not his bigly unique sentence structure.

OT 1. What’s with Ivank’s gravelly voice in the news clip when she doesn’t want children endangered? It sounds so very fake, and doesn’t she grasp that the asylum seekers are fleeing danger?

OT 2. – Just had to remark on

such a cringe-worthy ad for “Ted” – and ROFL because he is now trying to be on a first name basis with everyone in the style of – hmmm Beto. It’s just funny. All the hunting scenes. Hugely Cringe-worthy ad…and underneath so very very funny. It’s almost as if Beto’s team couldn’t have done a better anti-Ted ad.
Than again there is the caveat, it’s for Texas, so you just never quite know.



False Trumplashes.

What else is new?


It would be tempting to say that Trump was raised by wolves …
… however, attorneys for wolves have threaten legal action if their clients are, in any way, stated to be responsible for this psychopath.

Trump Lashes Out In Tweets, Claims Ignorance Of Trump Tower ‘Dirt’ Meeting

Trump Lashes Out In Tweets, Claims Ignorance



OK but this headline misses the point. It is not that he claims ignorance of the dirt meeting but that he confesses that it WAS a dirt meeting. Remember adoptions?


Caption worthy header image :slight_smile:


“The only thing worse than Fake News is getting a prostate exam! Sad!”


This has to be pre-emptive. The probability he didn’t know about the meeting is as close to zero as you can get. They’ve been forced backward and backward on this meeting, admitting more and more of the truth all the time. Now Rudy’s divulged there was a planning meeting about it beforehand. And with that the probability is high there’ll be evidence and testimony to that effect. All the gaps are closing in the effort to demonstrate there was an international criminal conspiracy in which Trump was a willing participant. That’s why he said the other day, collusion isn’t legal but I didn’t collude so there. He’s seized on that. Conspiracies to benefit from another’s crimes are illegal though. He did it. But we all knew that.


This is what happens when it rains in Bedminster and the Dotard can’t play golf.

Something’s coming…


Remember how instantly people brushed aside Hillary’s warning that Trump just didn’t have the temperament to be President?

I mean, look at him! Consumed with petty rage like a child, completely unaware his office holds responsibilities other than airing his endless grievances! We are in grave danger every day, yet the media plays this deadly game of CLUE vis a vis Trump’s peccadillos with strippers and fellow con artists rather than focus on our substantial and mounting losses as a country.


> Trump Lashes

And here I thought he was a spanker, not a whipper.

Bigly sad.


The first week of his campaign, he got in a twitter fight with Rosie O’Donnell and a beauty queen. It’s not like he hid who he was.


It’s gonna be a long vacation week.