Discussion: Trump Labels Sanders A Sellout Ahead Of Expected Clinton Endorsement

Yeah, yeah, yeah


Donald Trump accused Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) of “selling out”

Which is completely different from Trump demanding support from all the other failed GOP candidates…


Sadly U.S. politics is all about selling out. The trick is to find the sellout who agrees with your views.

Until there are real limits on campaign spending and political donations the sale will continue!!!

It’s amazing how Trump sees voters in general. I, like most other Sanders backers I know, backed Sanders because of his stances on issues like wages, health care, foreign policy, and so on. Many of us support Elizabeth Warren due to her similar stances on the issues. Many of us like Jill Stein for the same reason.

Trump, however, thinks political supporters are “fans.” There is an element of that in these things, but for Sanders, a 74-year-old man about whom few other political insiders were talking a year ago? This isn’t like cheering on the Mets or the Yankees. We’re talking about policies that have an effect on our lives.

I swear, if he wins, he’ll channel Sally Field for his victory speech. “You like me, right now you like me!”


What, did you think he was going to endorse you, idiot?


Trump actually PAYS someone to style his hair so that his eyebrows meet his hairline. We should trust this man with government expenditures?

A women’s baseball team would tag him as a slumpbuster.


I don’t think he’s capable, as in literally not capable, of thinking about the race in any other terms. He’s running a reality TV show, and he’s trying to steal the fans from the other show. He seems to have almost zero awareness that politicians, once in office, enact various policies that work well or poorly. He’s a new-job applicant who’s faking it till he makes it. You can’t overstate or say too often that he has next to no understanding of what the job entails.


Shorter Trump: “I’ve been attempting to use Bernie and his fans all along, you suckers!”


Politics always has and always will be about settling, regardless of how it’s financed. Even Bernie’s most ardent fans don’t agree with him about everything. In a country of 300+ million, the presidential election will always be a choice between somebody you’re not really too sure about, and somebody who scares the bejeezus out of you.


Oh the assh*ole is strong on this one Orange Jeebus…“strong”

He’ll be our Edward VI.


"The insiders wrote the rules of the game to keep themselves in power

I love the way Trump pretends to be an outsider, when he is, in fact, the ultimate insider.

Born wealthy into a prominent family, educated at Wharton, then used his connections and knowledge of arcane real estate rules and regs to make his millions. Not to even get into his ability to manipulate multiple bankruptcies…which apparently only bankrupted others.


If nothing else, we can surely rely on Donald Trump to give us the pulse of Sanders supporters.

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Trump: Sanders is a sellout. I welcome the 5 dead-ender supporters from the Bernie or Bust team.

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Trump has had a team of tax and litigation lawyers, developers, real estate specialists and accountants at his disposal since his early 20s. His personality and drive may have played an overarching role in his success, but a vast army of much smarter people steered his career. His failures and bankruptcies and business mistakes were likely the result of ignoring those he should have been listening to. That he would operate similarly in government should trouble all of us, not just the roughly 50% of the voting populace that it does.


In this respect, his instincts serve him well as revealed in this study by a university of Kansas Researcher[1]. Politics have become like sports to the average voter.


[1] There is a balm in Kansas after all.

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I’ll go with Æthelred the Unready m’self.[1]

[1] Or more properly translated from Old Anglo Saxon, Æthelred the Ill-advised. Either works for me.


We’re not going to have to pay him to go away will we?

Yes…because the Donald is demanding fealty to him, not support! What a sellout Bernie. You coulda been a contenda…

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