Discussion: Trump Knocks ‘Hate-Filled’ Clinton At NC Rally Where Protesters Hit (VIDEO)

So as Protestors are roughed up and slapped, Trump intones how hate filled Hilary is and brags about how fun his rallies are.

I confess I am at a loss for what to say. I am crying because I fear for what my country stands for is being lost.


If this man wins… :sob:


Deplorable people feel insulted by being called Trump supporters.

Trump supporters are no more deplorable than any other lynch mob.


I do think Secretary Clinton misstated the case. Had she said “A significant number of DT supporters are racists, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, or islamophobic” she would have been spot-on. Then all one would have to do is show clips of Trump rallies to prove the point. Now the MSM is focusing on the size of the basket and not the reality of Trump’s appeal to “deplorables.”


What happens when one of the Trump deplorables attacks someone at a rally who fights back? All the protesters thus far have been remarkably non-violent.


Trump asking if anyone at the rally is xenophobic reminds me of To Kill a Mockingbird.

“About your writing with your left hand, are you ambidextrous, Mr. Ewell?"
"I most positively am not, I can use one hand good as the other. One hand good as the other.”


The protester will be attacked by the surrounding mob of deplorables. Which is why the protesters are being smart in not retaliating.


And it’s being packaged for you by the MSM . Every news show last night Clinton’s health with many doctors and experts speculating about this and that without ever seeing a chart. Seriously ? When lard ass Trump skates with “The healthiest candidate for president ever” and I’m going to release medical records soon and they’re going to be very very specific" Why aren’t you pestering Trump. Soon? along with your taxes no doubt. The double standard is making me insane . I have to turn the shit off to preserve my sanity
Republicans and MSM; We’ll try to keep Hillary on life support a least until the election.


Correct and correct.

It seem that Hillary’s current illness is an all-too-apt metaphor for the state of the country.


But see, there is no similar hand wringing about HO’s choice of every word. If he does not crap his pants on stage and use the N word, the Media deems his performance adequate for a B list NYC local celebrity seeking the Presidency and grades him on the Little Johnny Is Trying Hard curve. Yet here WE are, judging HRC’s use of a single phrase and how it would have been so much better if only she had just said X instead of Y. Look at HO’s statement about Mexican rapists and drug dealers that launched his campaign. He has yet to walk that back or offer a qualifier, other than “and I guess some of them are good people.”


In Trump’s mind, he sees the protesters as “asking for it”. Much like a rape victim is asking for it when wearing a short skirt or joining the military. So he doesn’t view his rallies as being violent or hate-filled. He thinks this is a good thing. Probably feeds his huge arrogant ego believing his supporters are protecting him. Sick asshole.

When we look back in awe wondering why or how Hitler came into power, wonder no further. We are LIVING this, y’all.
Trump is dangerous.
I don’t feel I am being hyperbolic. This guy has no introspective, no ability to look at himself when lobbing insults. And the man just blatantly lies. I don’t know if he even realizes he’s lying - it’s like he’s living in his own reality.

I am not in the mood for Stein or Johnson voters. Not today.


Everybody needs to take chill pill and relax. Madame President is doing just fine. If “coughing” is the worst thing that Drumpf and the MSM think they have on HRC, they got nothing…


Does that girl on the right realize Obama can’t “be fired” because he’s not even running and is serving his last term?

Gawd these people are stupid.


Oh FFS. First off, she said as a “gross generalization” before she started into the “basket of deplorables” comments. Now, I do understand how you may have missed that, because every single media outlet has been parsing that key first sentence right out of her speech.

And the polling continues to back up her case. Over half of his supporters want all Muslims banned from this country. Well over half believe Obama is a muslim (and, though I am cautious of doing this), so if you follow that train of “thought” over half of his supporters want the current President banned from this country.

Because they think he is Muslim. And they KNOW he is “other”.

But let’s move beyond just the statistics. Make me the case for the “non racist” Trump supporter. Is this a person who is backing Trump because of his detailed policy position on…anything? (which don’t exist). The only things that he has gone into any level of detail (and even in these cases, its laughably sparse) is…building a wall to keep “those” people out, deporting “those” people and banning “those other” people.

No, Trump is a racist, but more importantly, his entire campaign is now and always has been, founded upon racism. That’s all its about.

Right…so lets see the MSM go interview those legions of non racist Trump supporters. I haven’t exactly seen the internet melting with the burden of all those interviews, have you? My suggestion here is…don’t hold your breathe, because they aren’t going to find a whole lot of them.


O/T Pres. Obama will be in Philadelphia fundraising in Hillary’s place




Deplorable is far too kind for those people. I’d have saved that word for lying Rumpublicans like Jeff Flake, whose lip service to loftier ideals amounts to a necessary pretense that the septic tank smells like roses. Meanwhile, the donation checks seem to be cashing just fine.


Deplorables on parade…