Discussion: Trump Jr. Insists His Father Denounced Birtherism Despite Recent Dodge

The Drumpf Klan needs to once again keep working on the recent dodge of the economic word salad of the teleprompter glitch of the trickster King of the muddied stance of the claim of the not lengthy or memorable phone call of the hardening of the softening of the detail dodging of the walk-back of the flip-flop of the sarcasm of the stumble of the tongue of the obfuscation of the abbreviated language of what the loser liberal media poorly covered during the earpiece malfunction of his original, widely documented comments.


But Clinton is evasive and hides everything, and Trump is a truth-teller!

I am so sick of this bullshit.


Sonny, you’re just as slimy as your dad, but – if possible – even dumber than he is. At least he has some (albeit vicious) street smarts.

You’ve got nothing but hair gel.


He’s as much a stranger to truth as his old man.


I do not think they are different.

Daddy Trump only has years on his son. So life experience is more, but certainly not smarts, street or otherwise.

Does Trump Jr. have a job ? or an education ?

Do your job, George Stephanopolous, tell Donnie Junior he’s lying. There’s no other way to interpret what’s coming out of his mouth except ‘lies.’

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They are changing the subject for the weekend news shows with the ovens comments and this birther nonsense

  1. No one will discuss Trump’s fantasy economic plan
  2. No one will demand to see Trump’s taxes.

Stop looking at the faux controversial shiny object.


I thought that was his snot. My bad.

yes to both.

“His campaign spokesperson, who he was speaking to last night, and I was with the team when they were doing it, drafted a statement to say just that,” he said, adding that Trump does not want to get “off message” or discuss “gossip.”

Someone needs to ask Junior if he believes if that birth certificate is authentic…

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being a VP in daddy’s company is not what I call a real job…

He has many children, the Trumps will always be with us…
(his wife is apparently of Danish descent, she has the look )

He can’t bite the controversy hand that feeds…

Him and his media ilk have months of airtime (read:ad time) to fill between now and November. They want access.

This is as hard as the trump’s will be pushed.

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The “statement” released last night is already falling apart rapidly this morning. It won’t survive the day. There are just too many examples on tape of Trump still questioning Obama’s birth place AFTER 2011, including a piece I posted on the other thread from an interview in 2014. (which is a really nice example, because it also has him promising to release his tax returns).


Its all the media shows.

Many will take what they are fed. This is why the election isnt a walk.

Dont worry the MSM is right on that, they will call out his BS…

By that i mean kiss his ass as to get more access.

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Well another way to question Jr, would have been “So do you, Jr. Trumpee believe that President Obama was born in the United States?” He answers yes or no and should have then been followed up after Yes with then “Why doesn’t your father believe it.” or No “What do you know to still not believe that the President was born in HI?” If you can’t get the surrogate to answer go after the surrogate in Mike Wallace style, but without the cigarette.


as long as he cops a check…

Yeah, but that’s the thing…

They AREN’T getting more access. They are being ditched and then publicly mocked.