Discussion: Trump: I'm A 'Little Impressed' That Cohen Said He Had No Evidence Of Collusion

Key words: “No direct evidence.”

Coordinating with Russia wasn’t his responsibility, and I wonder if he’s provided “indirect evidence” to Mueller.


" … but, everything else was lies."

BTW, Cohen also said he had his suspicions, which I’m sure are well-founded as are all of ours.


The surest sign that he’s done:


The corollary to ETTD, ETWTTWATFPL. Everything that won’t touch Trump with a ten foot pole lives.


Because, don’t you know, it was a “Fake Hearing”…

Right. “Apart from all that, how was play, Mrs. Lincoln?”


Trump and his Trump TV outlet have been pulling this nonsense for a couple years now, trumpeting that former Director of Intelligence Clapper “says no direct evidence of collusion with Russia” but leaving off that he added that he’s certainly not saying there isn’t any, just that when he left in January 2017 he hadn’t seen it and in fact has gone on to say he’s not all at satisfied that there isn’t evidence.

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Trump’s definition of “direct evidence of collusion” - a tape of him speaking to Putin.


Honestly, I never thought Mueller or anyone would find evidence of conspiracy against Trump with Russia. Not saying there wasn’t, it’s just a hard crime to prove without cooperation from Russia or Trump’s campaign.
I always thought financial crimes like money laundering or corruption charges would do him in. Again, I am looking elsewhere than Mueller for that to happen. I think the SDNY or the House will have to take Trump down. Here’s to hoping they do.

It felt good to hear Cohen testify, but his testimony won’t end the Trump presidency. He’s a convicted liar as far as the legal system is concerned.We need hard evidence. Recordings and stuff like that. Evidence of crimes that will compel Republicans to vote for impeachment. Their impeachment vote will only happen when Trump drops way down in the polls, not because they feel it’s the right thing to do.


Then he’s done. ’ Russia, are you listening?’

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Republicans will never be convinced to impeach Trump, what will happen is that the list of crimes that Trump committed before becoming President and those that continued into the Presidency will bring Trump down. Trump and his tainted lawyer(s) will try and make a deal before Trump resigns. When Trump resigns there will still be largish portion of Trump’s base that will bemoan that the dirty was done against the this fine American a la Nixon.
Now the question remains what will it take for Trump to read the handwriting on the Wall? Will charging Jr., Ivanka, or Jared do it? I’m pretty sure that the state of NY and SDNY have the means to get the evidence of long standing tax cheating. So will Trump go for love if his kids or for love of his business?

The one thing that depressed me the most was Cohen saying Trump spoke in code. He would not come out and directly say anything to a trusted friend and confidant. That means he’s been pretty careful and might be smarter than we give him credit for when it comes to self preservation. Once a narcissist like Trump has the power of the presidency, I don’t see him resigning to save anyone. I fear he’ll tear the country apart first.

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Trump is a career criminal and grifter. Just like his Daddy. Why does it depress you that habitual criminal conspirators don’t have to speak explicitly? Criminal case intercept transcripts are full of coded veiled wink wink nod nod conversations.


“May he (Trump) live in interesting times.” along with “May Trump come to the attention of those in authority.”


We’re talking about the man who holds the most powerful and influential office in the world. This is not the teflon don or an ordinary gangster. He put his own trusted people in the Justice Department. Gangsters don’t have the power Trump does.

He also has the backing of most Republicans in Congress.

He put his people in at the DOJ and in charge of the Intelligence Agencies and of all the House and Senate Committees. And he thought Comey was one of his people because of how he influenced the election shortly before. Blew him a kiss at a reception at the White House.

The Trump and Cronies plan was to totally squelch any investigation of election impropriety or cheating or conspiring with the GRU. And initially, Coats and Burr went along with Sessions, Nunes, Meadows, Pompeo and the whole lot of them.

And his comments on “it’s called flipping, and it ought to be illegal” are. yes, the statement of a con man and a wannabe thug or mob boss. And he was never even a NYC council member or dog catcher or school board member. Before being elected President by a massive fraud and spy operation. In which the Republican leadership participated.

I get the magnitude of the disaster. So do most of the readers here.


First, it’s not collusion, the proper term is conspiracy.
Second, the Mueller shoes haven’t begun to drop (be thrown?).


I am dazzled at the pessimism here. Trump is DONE.


Although Cohen did say he heard Trump talking to Stone about Wikileaks, and the investigation has found evidence of Stone corresponding with the GRU and Wikileaks, talking about the stolen DNC documents and arranging dump dates. I think Cohen was using the term “direct evidence” in a very legalistic way - as in he did not hear Trump talking directly to the GRU or Wikileaks.


Yes, Mr President, pigs fly.