Discussion: Trump: 'I'll Accept' Ginsburg Statement Even Though It Isn't Real Apology

Let’s compare it to all of Trump’s apologies.


Trump: “Her mind is shot, so I guess that is all I could hope for”

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For what it’s worth, Donald, ya no-good bhoyo, I don’t think it’s really an apology either.


“I fully think apologizing’s a great thing, but you have to be wrong,” Trump told Jimmy Fallon on his show Friday.

I was looking for the Howie Carr quote…but this will do.

Trump is correct, it was not an apology for saying what she said about him. RBG expressed regret for stepping outside the bounds of a sitting jurist to express a political opinion. This was an appropriate thing to do, but please note that she did not take back,nor in any way recant her criticism of the Trumpster. Good for her!


Notorious RBG: “I deeply regret the words I used…but I couldn’t think of worse ones.”


I am glad RGB pointed out what an ass Der Donald is. Glad, glad, happy, happy, happy!


No you idiot - it is a very long way from an apology. What did you expect?


“My advisors have convinced me that if I keep pushing this it’s going to keep my tax returns in the news, and even I don’t look good attacking a tiny 83-year-old white woman.”


What a sanctimonious FK…he doesn’t ‘believe’ it and the media will report what a MAN he is and SO presidential…I am truly and utterly sick of the sht.

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Hopefully, RBG will reply with a friendly, “Fuck you, Donny, you asshole loser.”

This is why RBG should leave the court, she’s turned from an edgy social commentator to an ass kissing old lady.

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Trump is gracious as always.


Drumpf wouldn’t know an apology if it bit him on his fat ass.


Fuck off, Trump.

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RBG should have said she was misconstrued. She was only speaking hypothetically.

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What a filthy, despicable man Trump is.

Trump never apologizes for any of his over the top lies and intentional malignments. And yet he wishes apologies for every perceived wrong against him. He has zero integrity.

RGB on the other hand “regrets” her choice to enter the ring with the greatest shit-spewer of all time, Trump. She now regrets the undeniable fact, when you engage a shitty person you get some of it on you.


As SC judge, she is required to speak the truth. So she was right to acknowledge what was proper. That’s all you get Don the Con!

Or perhaps she was just repeating what a lot of people were saying on twitter.

Well for once he got it right. It wasn’t an apology. It was merely regrets for having said what she earnestly thought, out loud. “Ill-advised”? Maybe by some. For me, it was a godsend and a shot across the bow by a leading jurist in this country I respect.

Let’s just say, if she’d have said “in conclusion…not intended to be a factual statement” she would have left her boneheaded critics completely dumbfounded…which they already are btw.

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