Discussion: Trump: I Never ‘Drummed Up’ Ted Cruz Birther Controversy

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He gets his legal expertise from “the shows” too !

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Cruz has repeatedly argued that the issue is “settled law” and that his staff has confirmed that he can run.

Shorter Cruz: I’m told I can run by people who are paid to tell me what I want to hear.

Cruz in turn tells his people that issues settled by SCOTUS are not even remotely the law of the land.


tRump: “I also never said I would probably date my daughter.”

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She’s on the short list for The Fourth Mrs. Trump.

P.S. I’m feeling giddy since the comment system is finally back up again.

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Have the DTs subsided yet?

I had to have a lie down while the system was down, but now I’m symptom free.

trump: i didn’t say it, but i did say it. take your pick. this is what i do. i say a bunch of shit, then deny i said it. videos, audios, you know those things can be doctored. trust me.