Discussion: Trump: 'I Haven't Quite Recovered' From Clinton 'Shouting' Last Night

Trump sees the writing on the wall and he is already beginning to sound a bit desperate. Because everyone else knows how well Bernie’s talking points have worked for him…he’s losing! And his misogynist comments have already destroyed his appeal to female voters. His misogyny is deeply ingrained that he can not stop it. He actually thinks that since it attracts more media attention that it attracts more voters. He has no ability to broaden his appeal to anyone unless he suddenly attempts a fake pivot and of course the media willfully plays along.


" Trump said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” So he was on HIS (Trump)** station early in the morning I see.
Can’t wait for the debate between him and Hillary= Wedgie Time.


A classic dumb “know it all” who is wearing badly. Who hasn’t he insulted?


pine, I will bet you lunch at the (kosher) restaurant of your choice that the short-fingered POS will never, NEVER agree to debate her. Absolutely no up-side for him. When he is in such situations, he only takes positions which he must reverse the next day. He’ll never debate!


“She is a woman. She is playing the woman card left and right,” Trump said. “She will be called on it. Women are disgusting, disgusting I tell you!”


Dear Drumpf… you still haven’t figured out that 50+% of the population are women, have you? Insulting minorities is one thing, but insulting the slight majority is mind-bogglingly stupid.


This is why Hillary is probably a better candidate against Trump than Bernie.

When Trump goes after Hillary for being a woman, shouting, dressing funny, having her husband cheat on her Trump looks like the bad guy.

When Trump goes after Bernie for being a socialist, Bernie will look like Nikita Khrushchev.


Yeah, well, there is this…


Wow the more he says the more he really paints himself as a guy from bygone eras…no wonder he does so well with so many Republican voters…they are the same type of “man”.


I agree. I think women are Trump’s kryptonite, he just can’t help himself from being a classic 1950’s chauvinist around them. He was able to turn Megyn Kelly into a feminist rallying point, which is not an easy thing to do on Fox News. Hillary is going to eat his lunch.


Funny, but methinks the more he says dumb stuff like this, the more support he throws Hillary’s way. Hey, I really don’t think he gains any more support than he already has by doing so and may even lose some, if few, of his precious women supporters as they realize he really does hate women. I do hope he continues with all these below the belt hits and leaves Hillary to discuss the real issues. That is a winning strategy.


Good one…he’s done all by say exactly that!

Yes, his Kelly issues point up that he’ll even diss Republican women,

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When you have short fingers and you’re a textbook vulgarian, ah, fugetaboutit.

Look. If your fortune is, say, $4 billion and your pecker is 19 inches long but only 3/8 inch diameter, you’re bound to say some weird shit.

Hold on, Donald, while I put my high-shit boots on. You sound scared of Hillary and you know what? – You should be.


We call them Bundy Boots 'round here, son.


Women, African-American and, to a lesser degree, other minority voters will be the Democrats’ kryptonite weapon against The Donald – there are so many more of us than angry white males.


Yet the polls show Bernie thumping Drumpf by an even wider margin.



“NEVER agree to debate her.” Wonder what tune he will be tap dancing to on this subject ?

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