Discussion: Trump: ‘I Fight Like Hell To Pay As Little As Possible’ In Taxes (VIDEO)

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Now he’s getting into Romney territory.


Trump’s lawyers are cunning. The rest are stupid.


If Trump eliminates the Paris Hilton tax his sons will never know what it’s like to do an honest day’s work.


Now the wait for him to release “some version” of his past returns — I wonder if he’ll get that far ?


If tRump wants to eliminate loopholes, isn’t there one for developers like him?

…thereby confirming Jordan Klepper’s pronouncement on Jon Stewart that Trump would be the first openly asshole president.

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Hey, Trump the Younger is just out shopping for a hallway rug, give him a break.

Trump continued “Anyone who doesn’t get a lawyer and fight the tax agencies like hell is just a chump.”

“I pay a lot of tax but I fight like hell to make it as low as
possible,” he told a group of reporters and supporters. “It’s an
expense. I fight. I have the best lawyers and the best accountants.”

Nice to know Donnie that you admit to gaming the system. Would that we all could afford your tax lawyers.
Just another reason to not support your candidacy.

Bush lowered taxes on the rich and blew a $175 billion hole in the budget…
Lest we forget.

I said it with Romney, and I’ll say it with Trump: good for him. If he can legally squeeze a 7% tax rate out of an eight-figure income, that’s exactly what he should do. In fact, the only thing that pissed me off about Romney was his half-assed, temporary-pending-amended-return attempt to overpay his taxes for campaign purposes.

The problem isn’t with billionaires and their crack teams of accountants; it’s with a tax code that breeds them. That’s on us, until we fix it, which we should do yesterday.

Trump has picked a fight with Rubio calling him a clown and a lightweight. While I would not vote for Rubio I will say that the man has been elected to the Senate and Trump has never held an elective office. So far Trump’s only contribution has been bloviating. And a garish life style. Rubio may be younger than trump but he does have quite a bit more political experience than Donnie does.

The early estimates on his tax math are not looking favorable to his claims of revenue neutrality. Its hard to make really accurate estimates because he is leaving much of the revenue generating side purposely vague. But we are talking somewhere in the area of a $2-3 trillion dollar deficit over 10 years.

And of course, that is merely on the half a tax plan released. His wall building and deportation plans are not included ,nor is the devastating impact on the economy for deporting 10 million people.

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Well that’s cute. He’ll raise taxes on a niche group of the 1% that are too small to scream properly and won’t really do much for the overall economy, but leave himself alone to continue gaming the system. That’s the most pleasant smelling pile of horseshit I’ve come across this week.