Discussion: Trump: 'I Don't Regret Anything' About Khan Family Attacks

But Eric said he apologized.


Has Khan responded to Trump’s charge that he sympathizes with terrorists?


What a dumb mofo. He seems to want to keep this story active.


“But of course I was hit very hard from the stage, and you know it’s just one of those things…”

No I don’t know. What are you talking about.


Je n’ai pas de regrets?

Morceau de merde.


Posted over at Alternet …the definitive tRUMP

Donald Trump is like a toddler who is not toilet trained. He sticks his hands in his diapers and spreads feces all over the wall, all over the furniture, etc. He can’t help it and he keeps doing it.


He’ll have lots of regrets on the evening of November 8th.


"I don’t regret anything, you see, because I didn’t actually think these idiots would let me win the nomination. I figured I’d put on a beautiful show, a wonderful show, have a good time for a year, have someone ghost write a book that make me billions, and have a yuge good time. But I don’t want to be president. That’s real work!

“So, no, I don’t regret screwing up my candidacy. It’s a feature, not a bug!”


Trump: ‘I Don’t Regret Anything…’

Sociopaths never do.


I’ll preface by stating that over the last 5yrs I’ve had two major health episodes that have caused me to be prescribed Rx drugs continuously to this day-- that increased use of both would end up debilitating most. Keeping tight control on the usages have convinced my specialists I’m not at risk of doing so-- to date. It’s allowed me to regain capacity and ability to be both productive at work and physically active. A strict organic/gluten-free diet is a companion factor.

As for Trump.
The guy is 70yrs-old and is now having to exert himself more physically-- probably than ever before.
With my experiences-- I’m going out on a limb here and express that I now put some stock into a possibility such as this one-- understanding full well it’s Inquisitr-via-Gawker:

According to a report on July 1 by the news and gossip site Gawker, there may be an explanation for what political analysts have considered to be inexplicable behavior by Donald Trump — the candidate, the Gawker story alleges, may be under the influence of a powerful, amphetamine-like diet drug that has been described as “cheap speed.”

Reports of Trump’s diet-drug abuse first surfaced in 1992, when an investigative report in Spy Magazine alleged that Trump, at that time, was a regular user of the drug Tenuate Dospan, whose side effects include “confusions” and “hallucinations.”

A 1993 biography of Trump, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump by Harry Hurt III, also alleged that Trump’s use of the drug accounted for the real estate mogul’s “mood swings.”

But according to last week’s Gawker report, Trump — more than two decades later — is on to a different drug.

“According to our source, the Donald Trump of today is on a diet drug called phentermine—and has been since at least April of 2014,” Gawker reported.

“While the U.S. National Library of Medicine notes that most people take phentermine for a month or so at a time, since the drug is addictive, Trump has supposedly been taking it continuously for over two years.”


One can make use of a substance that might be debilitating on a long-term basis-- if you never deviate. Once you begin adjusting dosage-- effects become unpredictable.

For many? Trump’s tax returns are a litmus test on his finances.
Where a urine test might be just as revealing per his behavior.



Trump: I have sacrificed enough in last two days. Time to deport The Khans.


I love the fact that after 8 years of the GOP telling us how “thin-skinned” Obama is, this is their 2016 nominee for President.


Trump: The Khans should be thanking me. If I was the president I would never let their son serve in Army. He would be alive today. My policies save Muslims.Where is the thanks?


Of course he does. Because from his perception, he is being attacked from all sides, much stronger than he has ever experienced in his life. That demands that he exert domination over the story, otherwise it dominates him and he is a weak loser.

Exposing that fundamental character flaw is undermining his campaign in unfixable ways, of course. (you can’t be President if you can’t stop yourself from lashing out at every single criticism…the job IS taking criticism). But his need to compensate is so deep, that he simply cannot reel it back in. Ever.


That’s interesting. A normal person of 50 would be exhausted by a campaign. Trump keeps on going and going, yet is not fit. I hadn’t thought about drug use. Somewhere else I read that he spends every waking hour not campaigning watching TV and on Twitter.
The media won’t even ask if he is getting coaching on foreign affairs, which is a normal part of the campaign process.


" (CNN)Donald Trump aides and people close to his campaign are increasingly frustrated by his insistence on waging various fights that steer him off message.
Sources close to the campaign are describing a series of missteps that are trailing the GOP presidential nominee, most prominently his now multi-day battle against Khizr Khan, the Muslim father of a killed US soldier."


Full bore dominance, all shall submit, Surrender or else. Asking Our Orange Hitler to apologize for.anything is like asking the real Hitler of giving an honest historical definition of Judaism. This pathology is on display constantly and daily on every Hate Porn RWNJ radio show (and Faux News), It is not a bug, It is a feature,


I actually feel sorry for anybody that draws the short straw and has to brief the man on anything. Because you know that he isn’t just going to reject information that doesn’t comport with his twisted world view, he is going to do it with lots of yelling and screaming.


Of course, he has no regrets. You have to have a conscience to regret something.