Discussion: Trump: I Didn't Know Hand-Raising Pledge At Rallies Was A Problem (VIDEO)

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This is what Trump’s crowds look like if you squint:


I’m so torn. I want to believe he’s that ignorant, because in many ways he is that ignorant. But nobody capable of living outside an institution is that ignorant. And that “look into it” talk is what he says when he’s obviously lying. So once more you have to wonder just how deeply crazy he really is. If he’s consciously aping Hitler, then holy fucking moly, he’s crazy like in really crazy.


“We’re having a good time” is the new “We were just following orders.”


Please. Is a teacher imploring their students to get their Nazi on by asking them to raise their hands if they know the answer?
Nonsense like this comes at the expsnes of highlighting aspects of Mr. Trump’s agenda that are truly threatening and plays right into his hands by perpetuating the sense of aggrieved, “it’s us against them” butthurt on the part of his benighted folllowers…


And just who are these students pledging loyalty to when they raise a hand?


“Honestly, until this phone call, I didn’t know it was a problem.”

That’s the tell. That’s how you know he’s lying. Its been in the news for two days. tRump is a voracious reader and watcher of all things tRump. He has numerous lackeys that keep tabs for him on all the reactions to his various actions and words in his campaign. The photo has stirred controversy for days and yet he didn’t know having people raise their hands and pledge fealty for him??? Come on. Give me a break.

Guthrie asked Trump if he will reflect on it now that he knows some find the pledge offensive.

“Almost everybody in the room raises their hand. We’re having a good time. I never knew it was a problem,” Trump replied.

Non sequitur much?


Might be, if the teacher is a famously authoritarian narcissist known to have kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his or her bed and currently leading what he or she believes to be a major movement of national renewal and asks the students to raise their god-damn hands in a classic fascist salute at a major public rally.


I keep waiting for Trump to reveal that this was his inspiration.

Instead of the Nuremberg defense, we´ll see the Mar-a-Lago defense?


Is there anything that doesn’t perpetuate their sense of aggrieved butthurt?


This silly kerfuffle is analogous to how those in the right kept talk about how Mr.Trump wasn’t conservative enough rather than talking about the fact that he is, you know, insane. .

Yeah. It´s like his saying at the debate that Rubio was the first person to say that he had small hands, when in reality it´s been bugging him for decades.


I guess he doesn’t do nuance.


Let’s just agree to disagree on whether this is an important or smart thing for those who would stop Trump to be focusing on.

Chilling thoughts that Trump could craft his approach around Hitler’s, but it’s likely that he isn’t the True Believer that Adolph was. I’m not sure, but Trump doesn’t exhibit Hitler’s authentic anger and obsession. Sturm und Drang? Not Trump. And maybe, just maybe, that will be his undoing. Maybe because he isn’t a card carrying member of his own cause his followers will lose their faith and climb back into that funk they were in before The Donald (The Fuhrer) captured their rage.


Trump doesn’t seem to know that racism, xenophobia, or sexism is a problem either…

Yet he’s a wicked smart businessman worth TEN BILLION DOLLARS!!!

And daddy’s money had nothing to do with it!!!


Trump’s ignorance of history disqualifies him. Do we really want a neo-Nazi as president?

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and true to form, the morningbro crew is right there in support of trump, denouncing the media for its dishonesty and ginning up hysteria… meeka and joescar (they raise their hands in church) disgusted by the criticism and overreach of a media eager to stir up controversy… along with bush hack nicole wallace (cackling at the silliness) and (surprisingly) mike barnicle, with a typically weak eugene robinson in defense.

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