Discussion: Trump Hit World With Tariffs, And Now World Strikes Back In Trade Fight

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What a dumbass motherfucker.


He has no clue what he is doing, no clue that he has no clue, and he really doesn’t give a damn about the damage done to this country, or to the war. He is an object lesson to the whole world of how destructive vainglory can be.


Here we go ! … Hang on everybody ! —


And the Republicans remain silent…


Hell, they adore incompetence and chaos - as long as donors can find ways to exploit and make profits off of the chaos.


Shock Doctrine.



Trump doesn’t figure this stuff out. He goes off on a rant and his minions put in the policy. Most of it is done half-assed without considering the consequences. None of this is a surprise to anyone who followed Trump’s career over the past 40 yrs .His people are like the guys with the shovels following the horses down the street.


I thought the Chinese bought him off a couple of weeks ago. But that was just for military dominance in the Korean Peninsula region. His insatiable greed will take world trade hostage until somebody gives him a few more billions. And then he will just find another way to tie Sweet Sue to the railroad tracks. The beauty of being an autocratic leader is he gets to follow his traditional business model, and wonder of wonders, someone else (who looks an awful lot like you and me) gets to suffer the bankruptcies. Melania is even advertising it for him.

It is what it is. We must find a solution. Commander Chaos sure as hell won’t. Congress owes their soul to campaign bribery and GOP fuckinations. It is up to us. GOTV for starters.


I will make these comments again: we in the US are in desperate times and we need concurrent desperate help from our Allies.

Please do not engage in a tit for tat round of tariffs. Make the tariffs five times as large. Put our republican vile congress on notice that our US Businesses will suffer greatly; make them be under tremendous heat from their paymasters and their deplorable base.

That you are already seeing some comments from republican congress members tells you how much heat they are already facing. This is about the only way of getting the republican congress to fracture from their obsequious spinless servitude.

Now is NOT the time to fall into trump’s inevitable dominance ritual; hit him harder and try to preempt that increasing tit for tat.

I’m fully aware that this will harm us, but we are already on that train and the present cost of that approach will be immensely less costly than where trump has got us heading.

We most assuredly need a united effort from our Allies; the times demand such an approach to help get rid of trump and his enablers. Help us get through this please.


Trump is not worried.
Putin will not hit the US with tariffs.
Nothing but free trade with our most loyal ally.


A lot of KY bourbon distributors have been stockpiling in their overseas warehouses to weather this storm but it will still have a big effect here where Bourbon is an $8.5 billion industry that supplies about 17,500 jobs in the commonwealth.

Of course our trump dick sucking Governor says shit like this, “There’s always the potential for some type of impact…but I don’t think it will be a tremendous impact…the EU is straight up doing this to raise money.”


“The president has been so belligerent that it becomes almost impossible
for democratically elected leaders — or even a non-democratic leader
like (Chinese president) Xi Jinping — to appear to kowtow and give in,”

And this is how the “I win, I destroy YOU” school of “negotiation” plays out on the international stage. Badly.


Bourbon is more jobs than coal in Kentucky.


Bracing for the pretzel twisting logic of Trumpers to blame Obama and Hilary when they lose their jobs and have to pay $10 for something that currently costs $4.


I’m surprised more businesses that donate to the gop aren’t up in an uproar about this


All he had to do was sit back and ride the brilliant economy President Obama left for him and claim credit as he always does, but he’s working hard to screw things up…


& @paulw

put American manufacturers at an unfair disadvantage and destroyed millions of U.S. factory jobs

so he’s decided to finish the job of destroying factory jobs. Plus, he’s going to make sure those who owned the manufacturing concerns and shipped those jobs out to make short term profits get rewarded for it.

@hornblower “His people are like the guys with the shovels following the horses down the street.”

Difference being those guys didn’t lick the shovels and claim it was caviar.


Trade wars are good, and easy to win.