Discussion: Trump Held Fundraiser For Florida AG After She Dropped Trump U Probe

Stop calling it “pay to play.” If you give a prosecutor money to drop a criminal investigation against you, it’s bribery. One is not a crime, the other is.


Another negative story about Drumpf the media will ignore.

"Somehow, repeatedly bragging about his ability to buy off politicians is
backfiring for Donald Trump. And, in another surprising twist, making a
vague remark about whether he ever talked with Florida attorney general
Pam Bondi about his improper $25,000 donation — which arrived as her
office opted not to join a fraud investigation into Trump University —
failed to put the controversy to rest. "


First, thank you, Ms. Kirkland and TPM – please keep the fire going on this important story. Next:

While Trump did not write a check at that event, other donors in attendance boosted Bondi’s campaign war chest, and she was also able to use the resort, which he has charged his own presidential campaign $140,000 to rent, free of charge.

This should (should! – but won’t) gall Trump’s donors and supporters – the man uses their donations to pay himself rent! This whole campaign has been nothing more than a money scam.


Maybe not. The New York Times has finally, at long last, started to pay attention to the original $25k for Bondi story - page one, plus an editorial. They’re still not flat-out calling it bribery (they’d get sued), but the wheel may finally be turning…


To NYT: It’s about effing time, Grey Old Lady!


Almost my exact words over my coffee this morning.


Its mind-boggling that neither Trump’s GOP opponents, the DNC, or the Clinton campaign has breathed a word about this naked bribery up to this point. For fuck’s sake, this information has been out there for two goddamn years—don’t any of these folks have oppo research staff?

Political malpractice all around.


I can certainly see that it makes sense to hold onto weapons you may need in the future, but now is the time to start lobbing these bombs, Democratic Party!


I can certainly see that it makes sense to hold onto weapons you may need in the future,

I’d be shocked if anybody on the Dem side even has a file on this that predates a week ago. And if they did and were holding back, it’s stupid anyhow—you don’t convince the electorate of something in just a month—the time to start establishing in the minds of the public that Trump is a bribing crook was no later than the moment he formally accepted the nomination, almost two months ago. That’s two wasted months they could have spent hammering him.

At the very least, it would have served as a counterweight to the Clinton Foundation bullshit—it would have forced the media to at least look at it. Thank god we have people like Josh and Matt Yglesias and Kevin Drum to raise a stink about the lack of coverage—I haven’t heard shit out of the Democratic Party collectively or individually about this. With a very few exceptions, they’re still all in their habitual defensive crouch keeping their heads down.


100% agreed. I’d like to amend my own thoughts and say you’re right – a few months ago would have been the ideal time to start with this information. It’s never too late, but now it would only look a little like “I’m rubber, you’re glue …” if the messaging isn’t handled properly.

Rump even gets his political scandals backwards. The crime is worse than the coverup.


Finally . This is getting he attention it deserves
This vile insensitive woman has been a plague on Florida for too long . Supports Rick Scott . Supports Trump . Thinks her shit doesn’t stink.
In 2013 she postponed a execution while she had a fundraiser . That’s my kind of tone deaf. Rachel Maddow dissected her perfectly last night http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/trump-story-about-bondi-donation-questioned-759201347704 and Mika took a strip out of her this AM saying coughing ? you’re talking about coughing when this is going on .
I guess we’ll have to wait for the MSM to go Huh? What? Scandal? years and months after it happenned.
Scott Maxwell a political reporter for the Orlando Sentinal has been on her for years to no avail. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/os-donald-trump-pam-bondi-scott-maxwell--donald-trump-made-national-news-last-we-20160907-column.html
With a Ruby red Florida legislature and a lame ass Florida Democratic party it has been difficult to get anyone to notice the inherent problems with this woman


and @beattycat
Right after HO accepted the GOP nomination the DNC hadn’t had their convention yet. And what they got to attack HO was the Khan’s treatment at the hands of Trump. So should this have been lob everything you got or selectively target HO?

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Screw bribery, what about Hillary coughing?


Hmmmmmm… all other stuff aside, it will be interesting to see if the folks overseeing campaign finance will pick up the $140,000 for Mar -a-Lago charged to Trump’s campaign vs Bondi getting it gratis. No expert, moi, but seems like one could plead that the $140,000 could be considered a campaign contribution

I have seen it beginning to pop up in a couple of other locations (Drum at Mother Jones and HuffPo), so perhaps there will be some more coverage soon. It’s getting messier and messier.


Or a set up for Trump TEEVEE.People are sayin’ I can’t wait. Out Foxing Faux. Blistering right wing stupidity 24/7 . No anchor less than a 10 . Weathergirls in bikinis . All anti Clinton all the time. It’s coming


Trump: What is the big deal? I am a deal maker. I am not in prison and will never be. I just buy whoever I want, when I want.



As soon as HO started screeching about the Clinton Foundation being a fraud, details of this particular HO scandal should have been announced. At least that’s my opinion. I think it would have been a really nice One-Two punch (the FL-Bondi bribe and the Khan family) to HO’s fat gut. Always play offensive – never defensive.